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The number of cyberattacks is growing year by year. That means well secured business should be a priority.

Cybersecurity, a topic for all of us

Our lives are increasingly dependent on technologies that offer far greater potential for attack than ever before. It is therefore no wonder that the number of cyberattacks is growing at an unprecedented rate all around the world, with the Czech Republic being no exception. Doing business securely is a key priority in every industry. Moreover, at Accenture, we build our entire business on cybersecurity. As a digital technology and cloud consulting company, we give our own cyber protection the highest possible priority. And that means we can effectively protect our clients, too. But what does such security look like in cyberspace? And why should we not think of hackers as just an organized group of experts? Michal Merta, who runs Prague’s Cyber Fusion Center with 150 elite security experts, explains all this in his video.

More about cybersecurity

You will not even notice a cyberattack

Every cyberattack is something new – and not always due to human failure. How do we actually recognize a security threat? How do we effectively defend against these? Michal Merta has answers.

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Trends in cyberattack protection

Our Cyber Fusion Center’s nearly 150 experts are tasked not only with responding to cyberattacks but also with preventing them. Michal Merta describes what such defense looks like in practice.

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Cyber Fusion Center in Prague

Accenture’s Cyber Fusion Center in Prague, Czech Republic is a custom-built secure facility with a unique group of cybersecurity professionals. Specializing in a variety of industries, they provide comprehensive services to our clients.

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Prague cyber fusion center

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