Solr search engine services

A full range of consulting and implementation services combined with secure connectors to optimize Solr search applications

Maximize your Solr search engine’s ROI

Solr is a leading open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Software Foundation’s Lucene project. With its flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness, Solr is widely used by large and small organizations for a variety of search and data analytics applications. 

With more than a decade of Solr consulting and implementation experience, we’ve supported many Solr users, from enterprises to public agencies. We deliver a full range of services to help unlock more value from Solr search applications.

Solr search engine services for enterprises

Strategy consulting

Lay out architectural design and implementation roadmap based on your business objectives

Search assessment 

Review your technology infrastructure and provide recommendations for deploying and improving Solr search engine performance


Deploy and configure Solr for optimized performance

Scaling and sizing

Optimize indexing and search performance for large volumes of data

Search UI and dashboard development

Deliver user-friendly, Google-like user and admin interfaces

Natural language processing

Provide NLP middleware for the orchestration of NLP algorithms and end-to-end semantic search in Solr

Content processing and enrichment

Provide technology assets and proven methods for efficient ingestion, enrichment, normalization, and indexing of structured and unstructured content

Managed services and support

Ensure peak performance and enable your internal staff to focus on core priorities

Solr relevancy tuning

Continuously improve search relevancy to enhance business performance and enterprise search ROI


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