Enterprise data lake solutions

Maximize the ROI of your enterprise data lake with AI-powered search and analytics applications.

Unlock valuable insights from the data lake

In recent years, demand for faster, more efficient data access and analytics at end-users’ fingertips have fueled the rise of enterprise data lakes: repositories designed to hold vast amounts of raw data in native formats until needed by the business. With enterprise data lakes in place, companies have started to gain various benefits:

  • Centralize enterprise content silos
  • Overcome legacy source systems’ limitations
  • Transform insight discovery and analytics processes
  • Enrich data in ways that are not possible in the source systems

But implementing an enterprise data lake is just a start. How can organizations unlock its full value to solve problems and gain a competitive advantage? The key is having effective applications for searching, analyzing and deriving insights from the massive structured and unstructured data in the lake.

Contact us to see how to leverage intelligent search and analytics to unlock the full value of your enterprise data lake.

Grow your business with insights from the data lake

At Accenture, we bring deep expertise and experience in various search and analytics technologies–such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Elastic Stack, Solr, Microsoft Azure, Cloudera–to help you leverage the data lake for multiple business use cases.

Cross-silo search

Provides enterprise users with secure access to the data lake’s content, enhancing knowledge sharing and insight discovery to drive business decisions.

Legal search

Enables search across legal contracts and compliance documentation based on the content’s metadata, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal risks.

Financial services

Brings disparate enterprise and client data together to solve business problems, ensure compliance, detect fraud and minimize risk of insider threats.

Video search

Searches across text transcripts from enterprise video content to efficiently gather business-critical insights.

Molecule search

Accelerates pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing processes through the ability to quickly search for molecules with the same or similar substructures.

Medical insights

Improves research and treatments using an index of interactions, surveys and discussions among medical practitioners about medicine usage and effects.

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Search and analyze your enterprise data lake content

Combining proven approaches and technologies with consulting and implementation services, we deliver powerful search and analytics applications to advance your data lake’s insight discovery capabilities.


System infrastructure assessment and recommendations for the most appropriate data lake technologies

Data preparation and enrichment

Metadata extraction, format conversion, augmentation, entity extraction and indexing

Application design and implementation

Incorporates search engines, Natural Language Processing, and analytics to enable search, visualization, and question/answer over data lake content

Data acquisition

Pre-built and custom data connectors to ingest siloed enterprise content–structured and unstructured–into the data lake


Consultation and implementation of data lake security and governance strategy


Testing, managed services, and support to maintain peak performance and increase ROI

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White paper

Unlock value from biopharma enterprise data lakes

The key to unlocking the value of enterprise data lakes is having a 360-degree view of the data. This white paper shows how search & analytics applications built on the data lake have helped biopharma firms accelerate innovation and business results.

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