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ESG leadership & governance

December 18, 2023

The core of our strategy is delivering 360° value to our clients, people, shareholders, partners and communities by helping them continuously reinvent. To drive change for our clients, and for our business, we work across a spectrum of ESG priorities—and help our stakeholders do the same—contributing to the creation of a more sustainable world for all.

At Accenture, responsibility for ESG matters starts at the top, with our Board actively overseeing our ESG strategies and progress in meeting our ESG-related commitments, and cascades throughout the business. As part of this, we have implemented a clear and comprehensive governance structure designed to help us achieve our goals and reflect our objectives throughout the organization while guiding our strategic approach.

The Nominating, Governance & Sustainability Committee is responsible for overseeing our overall ESG performance, disclosure, strategies, goals and objectives and monitoring evolving ESG risks.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Nominating, Governance & Sustainability Committee receives periodic reports throughout the year from management on key ESG matters, including the sustainability services we provide to clients, our actions around being a responsible company and citizen, our progress in meeting our ESG-related commitments, and our integrated reporting, which demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability of our goals and progress.

In addition, the Compensation, Culture & People Committee is responsible for overseeing our strategies related to our people, including matters such as pay equity, inclusion and diversity, leadership succession and culture; and the Audit Committee oversees our approach to the quality of ESG-related data and controls.

Our Global Management Committee (GMC) sponsors our responsible company strategies. These senior leaders, spanning multiple corporate functions, industries, services and geographies, engage on these topics and are responsible for implementing strategies, goals and policies. Together, they make strategic recommendations and decisions on our ESG initiatives, including sponsorship of our non-financial goals.

Our ESG Executive Committee, made up of a subset of the GMC, is accountable for approving strategic global decisions aligned with Accenture’s corporate sustainability commitments. Our ESG Executive Committee and steering committee (which is comprised of leaders across Accenture) meet regularly to monitor our sustainability performance, identify improvement areas and elevate matters to the Board as appropriate through the GMC.​