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Intelligent Automation

The Automation Advantage

A comprehensive guide to intelligent automation

Unleash trapped value with automation

Why is AI-driven intelligent automation essential?

A new era of generative AI for everyone 

The technology underpinning ChatGPT will transform work and reinvent business.

Benefits of AI-powered Intelligent Automation

Accelerated digital transformation

Create future-ready IT systems with a structured approach to implement, accelerate and scale tech, talent and sustainability initiatives.

Operational excellence

Reinvent your approach to business processes using modern engineering practices and advanced analytics, delivering the efficiencies to self-fund change.

Innovation at the core

Infuse a continuous innovation DNA into IT with the ability to respond to change – and bring better experiences to market – faster.

Our capabilities

Technology Transformation

Shift your focus from legacy to transformative technology and deliver change faster.

Accenture myWizard®

Ready to reimagine IT? Maximize efficiency and deliver value with seamless intelligent automation.

Data & analytics

Imagine a steady stream of insights to help you make better business decisions.


Solve your most important business challenges—fast.

Business Process Automation

Reinvent business performance, delivering sustainable value through intelligent operations.

Accenture SynOps

An innovative human+machine operating platform that optimizes people, data and intelligence.

“Intelligent automation has the power to rapidly transform your business. By bringing the benefits of advanced AI, data and cloud technologies, we are helping companies ignite innovation and deliver exponential speed, agility and predictability.”

— RAJENDRA PRASAD (RP), Chief Information and Asset Engineering Officer – Accenture

By the numbers


accuracy improvement


faster speed to market


reduction in IT costs


user experience improvement


on-time successful releases

What we think

From AI compliance to competitive advantage

Building responsible-by-design AI capabilities can fuel business performance.

Fast-track to future-ready

The relationship between intelligent operations and business value creation is key to becoming a future-ready organization.

Scaling AI in the supply chain to improve intelligence

Explore how to power more intelligent supply chains with analytics and AI.


Our leaders

Rajendra Prasad (RP)

Chief Information and Asset Engineering Officer

Sanjeev Vohra

Lead – Accenture Applied Intelligence

Nirav Sampat

Chief Technology Officer – Operations