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Honoring my daughter and fighting childhood cancer

After smiling and dancing her way through every possible cancer treatment, Melissa Depa lost her battle with leukemia. In her last days, her father, Accenture Managing Director Joseph Depa, promised her he’d never stop fighting for her.​

Fueled by his pledge to his daughter and supported by his family, friends and his Accenture team, Joe is committed to continuing Melissa’s legacy and helping find a cure for childhood cancer, personally and professionally.​


Bouquet of innovation, personalization and service

A leader in the floriculture industry, Dutch Flower Group had an issue: their e-commerce platform would reach its technical limit, meaning customers would have a harder time shopping online. Teaming up with Accenture, the two teams worked to create a new digital trading platform on SAP Commerce Cloud Version 2. One of the first implementations of the latest version, it offers features including customizable omnichannel storefronts and targeted data insights. Now, customers can easily order flowers online via their phone, tablet or laptop.


Cleaning our oceans

We collaborated with Ocean Conservancy to develop an in-depth playbook rooted in data and research for systemically tackling the plastic pollution crisis.​

According to research conducted by Ocean Conservancy, it’s estimated that eight to 12 million tons of plastic is being dumped into the ocean each year. Plastic pollution in our oceans is a global challenge with significant economic, social and environmental implications. It’s vital for governments, corporations and non-profit organizations to come together and identify solutions to improve the economics of waste collection.​

It’s a lofty goal, but a new Plastics Policy Playbook, created in collaboration with Accenture Development Partnerships, has laid out a plan to improve waste collection and help end the ocean plastic pollution problem.

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