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Harnessing the explosive growth of platforms

The beating heart of the digital economy? Platform companies. In fact, they’re increasingly synonymous with the economy, period. Platform companies occupy 8 of the S&P’s top 10 most valuable companies in the world. And they’ve achieved that over a very short time, growing with astonishing speed in just 10 years.

Of course, such incredible growth comes with key considerations. For platforms to continue their growth trajectory, trust is fundamental. The platform integrity that underpins trust demands responsibility to meet consumers’ and regulators’ expectations for privacy, security and control of harmful content. Ensuring continuous relevance with new products and services is also essential, while ensuring that costs do not rise at the same steep rate as revenues.

Accenture examines the critical areas of the next generation of platform growth in a series of thought leadership. Click the button below to read our perspectives:


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