Accelerating platform business

The platform revolution is here, and Accenture is helping our clients drive disruption and massive growth worldwide. We help our clients advance along four key paths:

  1. transforming businesses to platform-based models and  technology,
  2. implementing innovations that  propel established platforms  to the next level of growth, 
  3. helping  platform leaders accelerate and scale  into new markets with strategic products and services, and
  4. partnering with our clients to create new platform businesses.

Wherever your place along the journey, Accenture is ready to help guide and accelerate your platform objectives.

Explore how the cities of tomorrow are harnessing the power of geospatial technology.

Prepare for epic disruption

Change is a constant in this industry, where companies thrive by interrupting the growth of others. But converging industries and business models create demand for rapid innovation. Explore our trending strategies for staying ahead of the pack.

Beyond digital: Living on the edge

Recent research by Accenture reveals the key factors that will determine success in a digital + physical + human future.

On the platform: Podcast series

Platforms are transforming our world. And how they do it is also changing every minute. Tune in for lively debate on the latest developments.

Born to be wild: Defending your market position

Accenture developed the "Disruptability Index" which helps pinpoint both current levels of disruption and susceptibility to future disruption.

Case studies

We took data management next-level by building a flexible, fast, future-ready data architecture for a global collaboration technology company.

Learn how Marketing Mix Modeling can help companies drive insight-powered marketing activities and understand their impact on profitability.

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