Situational awareness

Our mission: safe and secure innovation that inspires a nation. We do this by connecting the dots between data, ecosystems and citizens.

Connect the dots

Leverage AI-driven analytics and intelligent technologies to connect the dots between data, ecosystems, and citizens to generate situationally aware crime-fighting insights and harness the power of networks to combat threats in real time.

Connecting the Dots: Situational Awareness in Singapore

Accenture’s Innovation Center for Situational Awareness is developing cutting edge solutions to combat threats in real-time. See more.

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Our focus areas

Harnessing the power of networks to generate crime fighting insights requires connecting the dots between data, ecosystems, and citizens. Staying a step ahead of 21st century threats requires constant innovating in the new.

Getting to the heart of privacy and public safety

How confident do citizens feel about the use of new technologies and AI to protect their safety, security and privacy?

We connected with 300 Singaporeans to understand citizen perspectives, values and fears. And demonstrated how behavioural analytics and empathy research can help government agencies design and communicate trusted systems that put citizens at the heart of solutions.

Where would Singapore Citizens Draw the Line

Accenture research discovers how we decoded the algebra of the mind to understand where citizens would draw the line between privacy and public safety. See more.

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The Innovation Centre

We empower organisations to harness the power of data, artificial intelligence, extended reality and digital technologies to improve their situational awareness through automation, scale and precision for more efficient and effective decision making and actions.

Bringing together world-class threat intelligence, technologies, R&D and partners, our multidisciplinary teams and innovation-led approach helps our clients experiment with confidence, develop and deliver disruptive solutions, and scale them at speed.

AI: The journey to 99%

The use of AI in Singapore’s public sector is gaining speed as the Lion City positions itself as an AI powerhouse in Southeast Asia—and the world. Despite this momentum, some government leaders remain sceptical of AI’s potential, believing that it can only ever be 95 percent accurate.

The fact is that 99 percent accuracy is possible with AI for organisations that harness human knowledge to close the accuracy gap. Getting results starts with a strong focus on four fundamentals that can drive the success of human and machine collaboration.


Smart nation blog posts

Meet our subject-matter experts and get their latest takes on the most pressing issues facing Singapore’s government.

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Virtual experiences need to come with a human element and harness digital delivery to create seamless, productive and trusted interactions.

Technology can help governments keep citizens safe

Could technology help to reduce the complexity and cost of running security planning scenarios?

Keeping Singapore’s people (and data) secure

Our local research showed that Singaporeans are, in general, pragmatic about where they draw the line between privacy and security.

Policing a boundaryless world

We live in an increasingly bounrdaryless world. What are the implications for policing and public safety organizations worldwide?

In a human crisis, e-payments need a people-first approach

Digital payments need to offer the best possible experience to the citizens. Geoffrey Pond explains how this can be achieved.

Achieving scale

One of the biggest challenges to innovation is moving from a pilot to a production scale.

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