Intelligent asset management services

Using the power of data and digital to increase asset reliability through self-optimizing operations, enabling improved profitability & reduced risk.

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Warming up to becoming data-driven

Industry X powers urban heating

Getting the most out of asset management data

Research shows that many organizations are finding it hard to get the most out of asset management.

From supply chain and manufacturing disruptions to the high costs of repairs, evolving customer demands and increasing calls for sustainability, they face an uphill battle.

These challenges are impacting critical KPIs, stopping organizations from achieving their growth targets and drive transparency around costs, performance, risk and value potential.

You're not alone


of manufacturers believe flexibility is critical to growth


of capacity losses are due to equipment not producing to capacity


more cost to repair failed assets compared to predictive maintenance

Take a holistic transformation journey with us

We take organizations on a holistic journey to completely transform asset management, improve profitability and reduce risk. You receive the platform, products and ecosystem partners needed to succeed, and guidance on how to transform the business. We apply Industry X and leverage machine learning and other intelligent technologies to turn your asset data into actionable insights.

The course of the journey strengthens foundational capabilities and augments them with digital capabilities. This helps organizations get out of break-fix mode and accelerate the transition from reactive to proactive work.

Seize the benefits of intelligent asset management


product throughput increase


asset utilization increase


workforce productivity increase


asset downtime reduction


MRO inventory reduction

Alliances & partners

Intelligent Asset Management is supported at scale by our in-house teams of data scientists and functional experts and our unmatched ecosystem of cross-industry partnerships. Our expertise and experience helps drive flexibility and reliability.

Case studies

Industry X powers urban heating with efficiency and sustainability.

Swiss eco-tech Climeworks has an ambitious vision. To achieve it, they need to scale.

Marelli’s transformation journey uses digital technologies to improve manufacturing operations.

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Accenture & SAP partnership


Our capabilities are strengthened and expanded through key acquisitions that bring new strategy services and expertise to our clients at speed. Access to leading industry players and specialists gives your business a competitive edge.


October 5, 2021: Scaling Accenture’s capabilities for intelligent asset management solutions. Read more

TA Cook

November 15, 2021: Strengthening asset performance management capabilities for clients in capital-intensive industries. Read more

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Frequently asked questions

Digital asset management (DAM) is a software system that helps organizations manage their digital assets and put them in one centralized, accessible location. A DAM system provides storage, organization, distribution, and management of internal and external digital assets. Data-driven asset managers maximize the value of asset management data and treat it as a strategic asset—using it for innovation and critical business decisions. With a strong data foundation, cloud-based optimization and an insights-driven culture, DAM leaders can identify and seize growth opportunities, and take proactive steps to embed data and digital technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and advanced analytics at their core.

Just like companies differ from one to the next, how they manage their assets differs as well. And there can be different types of asset management even within a single company in different departments and organizational levels. Though asset management is unique to each organization, here are the different ways to manage assets in the most effective way:

SAP Intelligent Asset Management is a set of asset management services that utilizes a suite of software products to maintain and service the performance of physical assets with real-time insights, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, mobility, and advanced and predictive analytics. SAP Intelligent Asset Management connects assets, people and processes across the enterprise and business networks. This maximizes the performance of a company’s assets by driving efficiency, uncovering value, and operating more safely and sustainably with a holistic, 360-degree value approach.

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