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Freight and Logistics consulting

The Industrialist: Dr. Markus Voss

DHL Supply Chain: Making digital supply chain a reality

Delivering innovation and growth

Right path to digital transformation in logistics

Our research shows 1 in 5 Freight and Logistics companies are way ahead of the industry in digitalization. How does your organization stack up?


Digital transformation

Transform organizations, processes and technologies into a securely connected living system that elevates customer experience and lowers operating cost.

Customer & employee experience

Pivot to the business of experience to deliver the outcomes desired by customers and employees and ignite growth.

Data & analytics

Anticipate customer needs, prevent risks and establish new revenue streams, through data insights, by using the power of artificial intelligence.

Supply chain resilience

Adapt to the new global reality by enhancing supply chain risk management, stress testing supply chain resilience and improving agility.

Portfolio expansion

Drive geographic and service expansion through inorganic growth, internal capability development and ecosystem collaboration.

Connected operations

Streamline operations through embedded intelligence and IoT based intelligent asset management, digital workforce and autonomous robotic systems.

Sustainable logistics

Drive green logistics strategy to positively impact people & the planet while maintaining a competitive advantage with sustainable practices.

Business process services

Execute, operate and optimize core business processes to transform, reduce costs and deliver additional business value.

Tower above: Imperial Logistics for Africa

By enhancing its supply chain control tower capabilities, Imperial is set to expand its market and unlock new revenue streams.

Tides of change

Plain sailing for Indonesia Port Corporation with digital port solution.

Transforming supply chains when the world needs it

Nippon Express is using IoT and blockchain to take quality control and distribution of pharmaceuticals to new heights.

What we think

Right path to digital transformation in logistics

Accenture surveyed 600+ logistics executives and interviewed 14 industry experts to assess the industry’s digital maturity.

The benefits of supply chain visibility

Accenture highlights how intelligent supply chain visibility increases the likelihood of maintaining revenue, profit, and share price performance.

Service expansion will decide the winners in logistics

Recent Accenture research confirms that vertical or horizontal service expansion will distinguish logistics winners of the future.


Our leaders

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Managing Director – Global Lead, Freight and Logistics

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Managing Director, Freight and Logistics Lead – EMEA