"With Accenture, it’s never going to be a cookie cutter approach".

Before joining Accenture, Gigi Su worked in the public sector space for an advisory firm on smaller-scale consulting projects. That whetted her appetite for more - "I wanted to see the full scale of it," she says.

In Accenture, Gigi is provided with the ideal platform for her to experience the end-to-end scale of public sector work, "Accenture drives many large-scale public sector transformations" she says. Accenture’s commitment to innovation and citizen experience were a powerful draw for Gigi, as was their commitment to her personal development goals, "I wanted to experience this and be part of this change."

Since joining Accenture seven years ago, Gigi has overseen several large-scale enterprise transformations in the public sector, taking on roles in change management and business process re-engineering. Now a Senior Manager, she is currently overseeing HR, Finance and Payroll transformation project for a government agency. This project is exciting as it is the first deployment of commercial cloud at such scale.

"I'm very proud to be part of it”, says Gigi, "because it’s really a cornerstone of one of their [the government’s] transformation programmes." Her decade of experience working with public sector clients ensure that Gigi can understand their needs and act as an effective conduit between different stakeholders: "Understanding their process and the way they work, allows me to bring solutions to them. With Accenture, it’s never going to be a cookie cutter approach."

Gigi’s passion for public service stems from her desire to give back. "I'm very passionate about public sector work, because I have a huge passion for Singapore and its sustainability." At the core of her job satisfaction is knowing that her work with Accenture improves the lives of her fellow Singaporean citizens: "To be able to see my work being translated into tangible and intangible benefits for people around me, directly or indirectly, is something that resonates with me a lot."

At Accenture, Gigi leverages the power of Accenture global network to provide the best available solutions to clients. She recalls an episode when she was confronted with a challenging client issue and within a day of seeking help, was on a call with a colleague in the UK to work through it, "It's really a global network" she says. It's not just the scale of Accenture's global network of experts that Gigi loves; it’s also the drive and passion of her colleagues, "The wider community of my peers and team members are extremely driven and passionate individuals who continually inspire and educate me." And it's the sense of making a positive contribution that drives Gigi: "It's really fulfilling work because you know you can make a very big difference."

I’m very passionate about public sector work, because I have a huge passion for Singapore and its sustainability.

Gigi Su

Senior Manager – Health & Public Service, Client Lead, Southeast Asia


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