“There is a place in Accenture for everyone.”

An engineer at heart, Denise’s journey into technology and consulting began with an internship in the field of bio-mechanical engineering. It was during this time that she was inspired to broaden her engineering foundations and apply her skills within a business context to help organisations achieve growth through technology and innovation.

Since joining Accenture’s Australian practice as an Analyst in 2006, she has worked in a range of fields from telecommunications, to oil and gas in the UK and USA, before focusing on Health. “Accenture provided me the springboard that catapulted me into a variety of experiences that laid the foundations for my career, helping me to develop expertise in a diverse range of industries and build depth in technology skills.”

Denise is now a Client Account Lead in Accenture’s Health practice in South East Asia, helping clients be future ready by implementing innovative digital solutions to deliver more effective, efficient, and affordable healthcare. Her role involves working with Accenture’s leadership to build relationships with clients and orchestrating a diverse team of technologists, engineers and industry specialists to solve client problems through tangible, practical and innovative solutions. The challenge of communicating in different styles to suit the needs of different team members is one that Denise thrives on. “Being able to discern each situation and tailor my style and communication to bring together diverse sets of people to strive for one common goal…that’s something I thrive on and really enjoy.”

The main focus of her team’s efforts at the moment is working with Singapore’s Ministry of Health to create the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR). The NEHR consolidates health records into a single electronic resource, providing a single unified health record for every patient and giving healthcare practitioners a comprehensive view of their patients’ medical history. During her time working in Health, Denise has often witnessed ordinary people coming together to achieve extraordinary things. “Working in health feels especially impactful and rewarding, because you can see how your actions or decisions can make a big difference to people.” It’s that sense of giving back that is a key motivation for Denise to deliver projects to the best of her abilities. “Being part of a team delivering work that matters drives me each day to make a difference.”

Denise values how the extensive knowledge and wealth of resources from across Accenture’s global network means that she always feels confident in her ability to tackle a problem: “Irrespective of what we are going through, there is always someone I can reach out to for a point of view or advice.” Denise also treasures how Accenture’s unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity means that everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, or socio-economic background, has the same opportunity to realize their goals in the organization. “As a working mother, I revel in being able to play a vital role in the heart of Accenture’s health business while enjoying a fulfilling career that is happily integrated with the most important aspects of my being a mother to a young family. There is a place in Accenture for everyone.”

Being part of a team delivering work that matters drives me each day to make a difference.

Denise Lin

Managing Director – Consulting, Health & Public Service, Southeast Asia


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