"The simplest things are often the most impactful."

Eng Han had little idea what he wanted to do when graduating in computer science 14 years ago, “As a fresh grad I felt kind of lost. One thing I kept thinking was that I wanted to feel a sense of purpose and be part of something bigger.”

During his first interview at Accenture, Eng Han started to think he’d found the right fit. “The interviewer stressed Accenture’s commitment to teamwork and how collaboration was critical to bridging people and technology to advance public service outcomes,” said Eng Han. “I learned that Accenture’s expertise wasn’t limited to technology, but also included strategy, business transformation and human performance. Most of all, I’d have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives and that’s an amazing feeling to this day.”

Eng Han has since worked on large, critical government IT projects and risen the ranks to become a Managing Director. He now leads a diverse team across various projects and domains, often making site visits to oversee projects in production and in development. This allows him to spend time with the clients, project leads and team members on the ground, working through challenges and achieving key milestones together.

“Every day I get excited seeing how leading-edge technology can be applied through a local lens to help solve societal and business challenges”, said Eng Han. “Almost 10 years ago, when advanced video analytics was still in infancy, I led a pilot project that involved deploying this solution to help keep Singapore safe and operate more efficiently. With the Accenture experts across the globe and the clients, we explored and assessed the applicability and readiness of the capabilities and the different technical architectures, and successfully deployed the project within a tight timeline. From working alongside with these talented and good people through challenging circumstances to solve real problems, my life has become so much richer.”

Of all the projects Eng Han has been involved in, one particularly stands out. “I led an Accenture team that’s helping Singapore’s Ministry of Defence transform its National Service Portal. The goal is to better engage the National Service (NS) community, which includes National Servicemen and other stakeholders such as their employers and parents. Together we’re striving to create a personalised journey for each serviceman, taking the user experience to a whole new level. This is complicated, challenging work and, as a proud Singaporean and Serviceman, this project means a lot to me.”

When working on this and other public service IT projects, Eng Han has recognised the fine balance of hard and soft skills. “Accenture’s public service team is committed to a client’s cause and their vision, that’s what drives us to deliver the best results,” said Eng Han. “When team members and clients come together to turn shared vision into reality, it’s then the fundamentals that matter so much – the camaraderie, processes, discipline, transparency, stakeholder interactions and shared goal that help us arrive at the desired outcome and go-live on schedule.”

Outside of work Eng Han enjoys spending quality down time with his four children, taking them on mini excursions around Singapore’s neighbourhoods. “For my kids aged 8, 5-year-old twins and 4, walking around the neighbourhood, spotting fishes in the canal, saying hello to the neighbourhood policemen, these are the things that get them excited. They often notice things I don’t, and this is always a good reminder for me. At Accenture we have large, diverse teams working together to try to solve big, complex problems, yet it’s often the simplest of things that are the most impactful.”

Every day I get excited seeing how leading-edge technology can be applied through a local lens to help solve societal and business challenges.

Eng Han

Managing Director – Technology, Southeast Asia



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