Rail and transit

We help rail and transit companies transform their operations through digital platforms, data-driven insights and a reimagined customer experience.

Shaping the future of transit

Passengers’ growing demands for a more secure, efficient, and connected rail and transit experience require the development of a new mobility ecosystem. Data driven automation, intelligent design and sustainable innovation are key to this transformation, right across the value chain.

The digitization of industry assets and infrastructure can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to the achievement of climate goals. Intelligent technologies, design and engineering also enhance the customer experience by creating cleaner products and services. These tools can drive network efficiencies and help power the seamless, multi-modal connectivity that will shape the mobility ecosystems of the future. Ultimately, highly automated mass transit can integrate with freight and supply chain services in the future.

The future of rail and transit starts now. In fact, a secure and sustainable passenger experience has never looked more attainable. All aboard!

What we do

We help rail and transit operators leverage intelligent technologies and systems to enhance the passenger experience, unlock value, and drive sustainable growth.


Helping toll operators transform their operations through state-of-the-art back-office systems, digital platforms and a reimagined mobility experience. Learn more.

Core IT and cloud

Cloud-based platforms, AI and 5G. The new IT architectures help operators run enterprises and networks more efficiently.


Embedding sustainable innovation across the value chain. More responsible mobility equals more sustainable mobility.

Passenger experience

Holistic, purposeful, personalized. Enhancing the passenger experience for better outcomes from journey planning through payment to destination.

Multi-modal connectivity

Rail and transit networks will form the backbone of new mobility ecosystems. Empowering connectivity across all modes of transport.

Industry X

Intelligent design and engineering. Transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of products and services through digitization.

Data-driven enterprise

A new approach to data strategy and governance. Leveraging data insights to better manage asset lifecycles and enhance resource deployment.


Device proliferation significantly increases network vulnerability and requires meeting constantly rising IT and OT security requirements.

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Case study

SAP S/4HANA implementation helps ProRail bring its financial and procurement processes into line.

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