Holiday 2020—A distinctly different retail season

New research from Accenture suggests the US holiday season 2020 will be very different from past years. Retailers that combine operational agility and data analytics with social responsibility will be best placed to thrive during holiday and beyond.

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Holiday shopping survey 2020

A retail season like no other
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Let there be change

To support the new Accenture purpose, CEO Julie Sweet recently launched our brand campaign—Let there be change—an inspiration to our people and clients to embrace change for the benefit of all. We believe today’s rapid acceleration to digital presents us with an opportunity to create a better future, and our strategy is to embed responsible business into our services for our clients as well as to operate Accenture as a responsible business.

Global fashion retailer H&M is one of our clients that we are helping to continue its journey as a responsible business. 

H&M delivers fashion in a sustainable way, and is green even within IT. Its online ecommerce solution that is built and run by Accenture, was yesterday running H&M’s own data centers and already sourcing only green energy, and tomorrow will use wind power on Azure cloud. Thanks to cloud transformation features such as auto-scaling it will use even less energy—essentially, it’s a sustainable green cloud.

Responsible retail is the new imperative

Having a purpose is only the beginning. What retailers do now matters more than what they say. Consumers are searching for meaning and authenticity, and want to shop with retailers that execute on their purpose responsibly in all that they do.

Responsibility to all stakeholders is at the heart of responsible retail. This includes consumers, employees, partners and investors, as well as a new stakeholder that is more important than ever—our planet.

Retailers need to build trust with consumers, invest in employees, share common values with partners and grow profitably for investors, while acting with a sustainable mindset for our planet.

Retailers that serve these stakeholders by turning their purpose into performance will gain the competitive edge. Let the evolution begin.


Seize the moment—Responsible and resilient retail

Rebuilding a sustainable retail business

Transforming retail responsibly

Responsible retail means designing strategies, products and services, experiences and relationships—every aspect of the business—around responsible initiatives.

Responsibility to consumers

Align around shared values to build trust with your retail consumers.

Responsibility to employees

Respect your retail employees as individuals and empower them to thrive.

Responsibility to partners and investors

Cultivate relationships with your partners and grow profitability for your investors.

Responsibility to our planet

Act with a sustainable and ethical mindset as a steward for our planet. Learn more.

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Case studies

Grocer Intermarché, Microsoft and Accenture collaborated on an organization-wide data transformation.

Grocer Alepa launches innovative chatbot Block Wish to increase customer choice and convenience.

The H&M Foundation is accelerating sustainable fashion with the Global Change Award.

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Meet the women transforming Retail

Accenture and Springboard Enterprises celebrate women disrupting Retail with groundbreaking technological innovations that will change the way consumers shop and interact with brands.

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