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It’s an exciting time to be a platform company and one full of opportunity. Why? Platform companies are the ultimate disruptors. They’re reshaping the global economy, creating new ecosystems of advertisers, developers, merchants, suppliers and more.

What's more, companies that successfully leverage game-changing innovations, like AI-powered content management, geospatial technology and intraday operations, not only scale their business, but also disrupt adjacent industries. And the competition.

The new disruption

Change is a constant in this industry, where companies thrive by interrupting the strategies of others. But converging industries and new business models are creating demand for rapid innovation. So what can you do to stay ahead of the pack?

Constantly innovate

Staying relevant and delivering new customer experiences will help drive revenue, growth and consumer preference.


Control platform operations

Take control of complex global platform operations by consolidating workforce, workflow and demand forecasting processes. We have the tools.


Build the right platform

Build a strong core by ensuring essential platform features like user safety and trust, content management and engineering integrity are optimized.


Case studies

Learn how Marketing Mix Modeling can help companies drive insight-powered marketing activities and understand their impact on profitability.

It's no longer business as usual. Rapid technological advancements are reshaping the financial services industry.

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