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Autonomous robotics systems

Reimagining engineering, supply and production

Three actions to build resilient operations

Why are smart robots different?

Robotics is no longer science fiction


Of organizations believe that professional or consulting service providers in robotics will be critical or helpful to their success.


Of organizations expect to increase their spend in robotics by up to 5% per year.


Of people will buy AI and applications services by 2024.

Scaled smart robotics delivers value

Address labor shortages

A global pandemic accelerated a decreasing workforce for physical operations. Robots collaborate with personnel to fill the void and meet demand.

Deliver high quality

Smart robots leverage computer vision and machine learning to reduce errors, shifting focus toward complex problems and strategic initiatives.

Drive down costs

With robotics as a service (RaaS), drive down initial capital expenditures (CAPEX) to create value and impact margins immediately.


Improve productivity and efficiencies

A fleet of smart robotic workcells can work together to increase throughput while making operations efficient by realigning the workforce.

Become sustainable

Smart robots continuously improve to reduce waste and energy, helping organizations reach their sustainability objectives.

Improve flexibility and resilience in production

Integrated smart robotic workcells use business and robot data to collaborate and dynamically operate, addressing variability in demand.

Challenges in deploying robots

How we help

Smart robotics engineering & integration

Prioritize automation opportunities towards ROI and pre-engineer workcells to meet expected deployment times.


  • Robotics Capability & Value Strategy
  • Use Case Identification
  • Site Assessment & Process Mapping
  • Work-Process Re-Engineering for Robotics
  • Autonomous Facility Planning

Ecosystem management & commercial modelling

Grow and maintain a strong ecosystem of vendor relationships and create commercial constructs to reduce implementation costs and meet robot demand.


  • Financial Modelling & Commercial Constructs
  • Robot Vendor Management
  • RFP Management
  • Robot Procurement & Leasing Models
  • Robotics as a Service (RaaS) Models

Integration into business systems

Simulate, prototype and develop smart robotic workcells that are integrated into business sytems.


  • Workcell Physics & Plant-Level Simulation
  • Robotics Rapid Prototyping
  • Workcell Configuration & Customization
  • Warehouse Integration (WMS/WCS/WES)
  • Manufacturing Integration (MES)
  • Custom gripper & accessory design
  • Robot Data Security & Risk Management

Deployment, operation and maintenance

Standardize workcells to scale toward successful deployments and provide 24/7 operations and maintenance support to ensure uptime and performance


  • First Deployment
  • Change Management & Operator Training
  • Network-Wide Deployment
  • AI Orchestration & Machine Learning Updates
  • Operations & Maintenance

Awards & recognition


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Accenture ranked No.1 overall for Industry 4.0 Services in 2019.


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What we think

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Capture value from collaboration

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Meet our lead

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Managing Director – Global Robotics Practice Lead, Industry X

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