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Technology democratization for smaller companies

September 23, 2021

How low-code/no-code is enabling small and medium-sized businesses to wield the technology advantages of enterprise

In this essay, we will dive deeper into the value of LCNC for SMBs and what this means for Software and Platforms companies.

LCNC as an SMB accelerating tech wave

1. Digital maturity as a competitive necessity

Digital maturity is more important than ever, as the pandemic has pushed more businesses online.

2. Challenging access to digital talent

SMBs struggle to attract digitally fluent staff, let alone developers as this talent is easily snapped up by large enterprises.

3. Enterprise IT solutions don’t meet SMB needs

47% of SMBs think enterprises aren’t trying to understand the challenges they face and movement towards LCNC illustrates that point.1

While cost and time to market were large factors, the flexibility that a LCNC solution provided was a very important factor... LCNC development allows us to fail fast in a cost-effective manner and implement those lessons to meet borrowers’ demands.


have seen greater business agility


noted higher personal/team productivity


saw improved speed-to-market


overcame the capability limitations of SaaS / COTS solutions

SMB LCNC adoption trajectory

How SMBs are using LCNC


create new business rules and process controls


create new process flows to complement packaged product (SaaS / COTS) capability


create new user experiences


develop new business applications


develop new customer facing applications (Web and mobile)

Software & Platforms companies can’t afford to look away


said data security (e.g., Data could be hacked)


noted public cloud sources data availability/credibility


reported data management


said lack of data leak prevention

A bright opportunity

About the Authors

Christian Kelly

Managing Director – Strategy, Software & Platforms

Dwight Lee

Managing Director – Strategy, Internet, Software & Platforms

Stephanie Gorski

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms


Senior Consultant – Accenture Strategy

Josh Matz

Associate Manager – Research, Software & Platforms

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