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State CAO as experience leader

August 15, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

The expanding role of state CAOs

Just 55% of citizen respondents said they know where to start when they need help from a state agency. 13 of the 23 CAOs surveyed echoed that finding, citing “knowing where to begin” as the most challenging step in accessing state services.

Why every impression matters

11 in 23

CAOs who indicated the perception of government services became more positive or significantly more positive during the pandemic


citizens whose level of trust in government declined during the pandemic

Channeling state government services


respondents who indicated digital encounters were “good” or “very good”


respondents who said they still prefer to interact with government in person or via phone


CAOs who said there are “more” or “significantly more” digital channels today than two years ago

Four opportunities for CAOs to lead experience

Contribute to and coordinate enterprise vision

Improving experience is not a problem for any single department or program; it’s a whole-of-government opportunity. Every CAO has a role to play in driving this enterprise focus.

Enhance hybrid service delivery and work models

Strategically deployed digital approaches can improve some customer experiences, but a good in-person presence remains critical. CAOs can help navigate the shift to hybrid work and service delivery, including examining these opportunities through an equity lens.

Be a customer experience role model

CAOs have countless opportunities to model excellent service. That can include deploying new or enhanced digital tools, but it can also include “low-tech” yet worthwhile investments like listening, empathizing with and responding to agencies’ needs and challenges.

Help agencies so they can help citizens

This is where CAOs can shine. By streamlining and simplifying back-office administration, CAOs can free up capacity for agencies to enhance their front offices.

Advance the journey to better citizen experience

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About the Authors

Kelly Rogers

Senior Manager – Public Service, North America

Jenny Brodie

Senior Manager – Health & Public Service, Research

Jamie Rodgers

Consultant – Public Service, North America

Pam Goins

Executive Director – National Association of State Chief Administrators


Research Manager

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