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Digital is rapidly changing how companies operate, adopt tech and manage risk. Organizations must have the right leadership and digital tools to seize and analyze meaningful data that optimizes process and operations, enables enterprise innovation, and unlocks new value in a disruptive world.

Who better to decode the new than the company’s Chief Financial Officer—increasingly the key executive approving the investments required to transform the organization to where it needs to be in the future?

Learn how CFOs are using smart tech, unlocking value trapped in data, reskilling and upskilling talent and using “breakthrough speed” to build growth.


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How we work

Combining deep industry and functional experience and digital technology leadership, we help Chief Financial Officers broaden their impact and financial capabilities across their enterprise.

Rethink enterprise value

Bring industry and functional insights, end-to-end capabilities and analytics to target specific areas to gain efficiencies and fuel growth.

Leverage enterprise analytics

Equip clients with meaningful data, insights and analytics to power digital solutions that transform business.

Transform digital finance

Design and implement digital finance platform tools that enable higher efficiency, effectiveness and productivity among leadership.

Lead digital risk and compliance

Unlock business value by moving beyond compliance and leverage regulatory insights and analytic expertise to help businesses prepare for the future.

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By the numbers

The role of the Chief Financial Officer is evolving, with many spending less time on traditional Finance function activities that are now being automated. In fact, 77 percent of Chief Financial Officers surveyed agree that their role is expanding to oversee the digital reinvention of their enterprise. Here’s what they’re doing:


Are driving efficiency through digital.


Are leading business-wide transformation.


Are exploring areas of new value in the enterprise and wider ecosystem.


Are reinventing how disruptive technologies could benefit the business.

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