Kids have the power. Let's give them the tools!

Accenture is proud to partner with to support Hour of Code, aiming to empower every student to succeed in the digital world.

December 9–15, 2019

The sky’s the limit with computer science

Every student should have a chance to learn coding and computer science. Imagine the impact we can have if the hands kids use to navigate apps and play videos games are the ones designing them too! When young children have the opportunity to be more than just consumers of technology, they can create new technologies and solutions to change the world.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code 2020

The Importance of Coding Today and Tomorrow

Accenture leaders on the power of technology

Hour of Code

What is Hour of Code?

"By enabling young people to learn to code, we’re helping our next generation believe in the power of technology and wield it to improve the way the world works and lives."

— Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer & "Coder in Chief"

Accenture Social Innovators

"With Hour of Code, we’re bringing our Social Innovators initiative to life by preparing young minds to use computer science and technology for improving the lives of millions—now, and for the next generation."
Jill Huntley
Managing Director – Global Corporate Citizenship

We believe that ideas can change the world—and that individuals can inspire a movement. Learn about our new Social Innovators initiative that brings to center the passion of Accenture people for discovering and creating new solutions with a positive impact on society.


Social Innovators

Accenture's video shares how we are making a greater good in the world around us by working together as social innovators. See more.

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computer science jobs in the U.S. by 2020


computer science graduates

9 OUT OF 10

parents want their child to learn computer science


of high schools teach computer science

Accenture Tutorial

Intelligent Space Exploration

Coding can be a whole lotta fun when kids travel into the artificial intelligence (AI) space. Help students discover the world of AI by teaching a robot how to explore a new planet with our coding tutorial available in 15 languages. We’re fueling kids’ curiosity with the engine of coding!

3-2-1 Code-off!
"Coding pays back completely. When I saw young children who came barefoot to the classroom and started cracking Hour of Code courses with so much excitement, enthusiasm and collaboration, I saw so much talent to explore, and I just realized that I’m getting much more than I’m able to give them."

— Martin Macucha, Technology Consulting Manager, Accenture Consulting Hour of Code volunteer

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Accenture's New Applied Now promises to work together to take the new and apply it for impact now, in every industry, every country, every day. See more.

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Get involved

Anyone, anywhere can take part in the Hour of Code. You can volunteer to teach at a local school, create your own event, or start by learning to code yourself with tutorials available in over 45 languages.


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