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Microsoft: Manufacturing reinvention in the era of GenAI

The Industrialist: An interview with Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Mobility at Microsoft


March 27, 2024

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For this edition, Accenture’s Frederik Hammermeister, Managing Director - Industrial, talked to Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Mobility, Dominik Wee, about the rapid adoption and value of generative AI in the manufacturing sector. Dominik sheds light on why he sees generative AI as a truly transformational technology, and some of the “no regret” use cases that he believes every manufacturing company should consider now.

It is the speed of adoption and the breadth of use cases that demonstrate generative AI is truly a foundational technology.

Dominik Wee / Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Mobility, Microsoft

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From the latest trends and tools to ground-breaking technologies and innovations impacting the manufacturing and industrial arena, Innovate is designed to keep you up to date. This month, read about how Data4Industry-X is supporting the international Manufacturing-X initiative to foster open and sovereign data exchange in key industry sectors; harnessing AI for infrastructure transformation to boost productivity and innovation through an AI Center of Excellence… and more.

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Our take

Insights and advice on how to reimagine your business and operations by capitalizing on new technologies:

  • Reinvention in the age of generative AI: In turbulent times, reinvention is becoming the default strategy for success, and generative AI serves as a catalyst for this process. Discover the five imperatives that the C-suite must address to successfully reinvent in the age of generative AI.
  • Meet us at Hannover Messe 2024: Find out what Accenture has in store for this year’s event, and how we help companies digitize the products they make and revolutionize how they make them through the interconnected power of cloud, data, and AI/GenAI.
  • Supply chain networks in the age of generative AI: Generative AI is opening up countless opportunities for reinventing companies and their supply chain networks. Read an in-depth exploration of the key use cases—and key enterprise value—that’s on the table today. 

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