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What we think is driving explosive platform growth

The beating heart of the digital economy? Platform companies. They occupy 8 of the S&P’s top 10 most valuable companies in the world and they’ve achieved that growth in just 10 years. In fact, they’re increasingly synonymous with the economy and will only become more dominant in all our lives as they invest in the next generation of technologies that will power growth through new products, services and experiences.

Discover the unique challenges and opportunities that platform companies face today by reading our new series of essays on Powering the platform future. Using research-led insights, these essays evaluate key platform growth topics spanning the small and medium-sized business landscape, the social commerce revolution, building sustainable and responsible platforms, the future of gaming, the revolution of platforms through low-code/no-code, unlocking platform potential with Growth Teams, and our perspective on the new attention economy.

Accenture examines the critical areas of the next generation of platform growth in a series of thought leadership.

Case studies

Read our latest case studies and see how we have accelerated our client’s platform businesses.

A global networking technology company creates a new GTM to transform customer experience and lift revenues sky high.

Fueling new growth for SUSE with a reimagined IT landscape in the cloud.

Learn how Accenture enabled change by offering our experienced talent and digital capabilities to help create the first virtual GLAAD Media Awards.

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