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We design and execute industry-relevant reinventions that allow organizations to realize exceptional business value from technology.

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Accenture named as a leader

Facing the tech transformation shockwave

A global shockwave of tech-driven transformation will grow over the next few years. As the pace of change has accelerated, so has the need to quickly embrace new technology.

Companies need a fundamentally different approach to building and managing technology—one better suited to the ever-changing reality of today’s business landscape. Anticipating and preparing for this shockwave requires industry-specific guidance and knowledge.

Our technology strategy and advisory services help reinvent organizations and build business value thanks to resilient industry-specific technology architectures, as well as cost-efficient and flexible cloud and data solutions. The outcome? Uncovering financial resources that can fund further tech investments and create an engine of growth.

Think big. Think fast. Think ahead. Think 5G.

5G is transforming every aspect of our lives. It offers unprecedented speed and reliability: reshaping customer experiences, fueling global economies, creating and transforming jobs.

5G opens opportunities for an agile, purpose-driven network of the future, tailored to the needs of consumers and enterprises. It is a foundational technology—one that makes possible for other technologies and devices to communicate, enabling Internet of Things.

How can your business leverage all that 5G has to offer?

Accenture works with organizations to help them explore the potential of 5G, from sustainability gains, to cost and productivity benefits, to the creation of new products and services.


No two clients are alike. We bring our industry expertise to solve your unique needs. Backed by a team of remarkable people spanning more than 120 countries, we bring global and local knowledge to each engagement.

Cloud acceleration

Use the cloud to re-imagine technology delivery, business models and revenue streams.

Tech ROI

Identify, quantify, maximize and sustain value realization from technology investments.

Intelligent operating model and innovation

Create intelligent operating models to transform performance and build the foundation for agility and growth.

Data-driven enterprise

Unlock the value of data, architecture, and AI to drive business agility and transformation to a real-time enterprise.

Network and connectivity services

Design, build and operate modern connectivity solutions, exploiting cloud and AI, including 5G and fiber.

Resilient modern architecture

Exploit technology and modern architectures as critical enablers of business growth.

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Case studies

Del Monte Foods rethinks its IT infrastructure in a bid for operational agility and streamlined processes.

Aging IT infrastructure stunted growth, but new cloud solutions enable the bank to innovate.


Accenture and AT&T develop new private cellular network to accelerate the 5G future.

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Our ecosystem

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful ecosystem of market leaders and innovators.

Blog: IT strategy insights

Learn how to architect and realize exceptional value from technology across a range of industries and markets.

How CIOs can modernize tech stacks in divestitures

Accenture’s Dominik Krimpmann explains how lean greenfield works and what is the right approach to technology integration in M&A.

How can 5G + Edge + Cloud help prevent wildfires?

What is the connection between 5G, edge and cloud? Learn from Accenture’s Global 5G Lead, Jefferson Wang, about how 5G enables edge compute and cloud.

For meaningful ESG data, technology opens the door

Demand for ESG reporting is now on the CIO agenda, because technology and data are at the heart of it. Accenture’s Ashish Mehta explains why.

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