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VR Training for Healthcare Workers

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training is vital but wasteful, which is why we helped create effective virtual reality training modules.

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Call for change

Hospitals are facing challenges with standardizing and adhering to personal protective equipment (PPE) donning and doffing procedures, especially considering the changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Errors when putting on or removing PPE can put healthcare workers at risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19, as well as other viruses and bacteria.

Accenture became aware of this growing problem and teamed up with The University of British Columbia, BC Women’s Hospital and to find a solution.'s intuitive platform enabled our learning and development team to create effective training modules quickly.

Berkeley Warburton / Managing Director and Program Sponsor – Accenture

When tech meets human ingenuity

This lifelike virtual reality (VR) training teaches healthcare workers how to safely put on (don) and take off (doff) personal protective equipment (PPE).

The training was developed in's new immersive learning platform, which is designed for use by training professionals who don't have a technical background. These extended reality (XR) training modules can be deployed to VR headsets and employees' mobile devices, and can be delivered through existing learning management systems.

The solution is virtual and therefore easy to scale and can be expanded within the hospital system or applied to other hospital systems around the globe.

A valuable difference

The PPE VR training experience was created for BC Women's Hospital to train front-line healthcare workers and medical trainees using virtual reality.

After one practice attempt, 70% of the simulation group subjects were able to perform the correct sequence of steps compared to 20% of subjects in the control group.

Utilizing this platform, training teams can easily create and maintain effective and engaging training programs, with the agility to keep up with the rapidly changing operational landscape caused by regular updates to safety protocols.

VR training has given our healthcare workers the opportunity to practice donning and doffing equipment safely and efficiently while conserving PPE supplies.

Berkeley Warburton / Managing Director and Program Sponsor – Accenture