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Accenture Virtual Visits Solution

Citizen engagement for a new era

Leading voices

Growing trust with virtual visits.

Trust is growing in virtual services


of executives and citizens expect social services to look very different in the years ahead. (Source: Social services: lead with impact, 2020)


of public service workers say they want to increase how much they work remotely. (source: Public service as a career of choice research, September 2020)

End-to-end service delivery

Benefits for citizens and agencies

Improved user experience

The booking and queuing service prioritises emergency calls. Features like chat, screen share and document share enable instant interaction.

Swift issue resolution

The majority of interactions can be completed in a single call, in a shorter time frame, improving client satisfaction.

Secure authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensures that employees are talking to the right person and that the call is secure.

Increased operational efficiency

Processes can be automated with notifications when documents are ready or when meetings need to occur.

Upskilled and empowered workforce

Employees are upskilled and empowered with the digital skills needed for effective collaboration between technology and people.

Increased public confidence

Citizens are able to access services despite the closure of public service agencies.

"Accenture’s Virtual Visits Solution is another way that governments are making services more accessible."

– RAINER BINDER, Managing Director – Public Service, Social Services Lead

Meet our lead

Rainer Binder

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, Social Services and Workforce & Talent Transformation
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