In brief

In brief

  • Accenture’s Chips in the Stack discusses the need for companies to enable competitive and purpose-driven industry solutions with semiconductors.
  • Semiconductor companies need to know how the hardware they build will be used.
  • The role of semiconductors is changing in the race to the new technology stack.
  • The key to staying competitive in the hardware industry is embracing the new role of semiconductors.

A shift is happening in the hardware industry

In order for businesses to deliver more intelligent and competitive solutions, hardware companies must update their technology stack to be intentional about end use. This means that every company will need to forge new ties along the entire stack, particularly with semiconductors.

To build the hardware necessary for innovative products and services today, semiconductor companies need to know how their hardware will be used. Each layer will need to collaborate with semiconductors and each industry will need a unique technology stack.

Many companies are ready to embrace new intentional relationships with semiconductors, and the time to act is now.

Sixty-three percent of executives believe it will be critical over the next two years to leverage custom hardware and hardware accelerators to meet the computing demands of intelligent environments.

Building for the future

Traditional technology stacks were characterized by software and applications layers at the top, with physical layers at the bottom. But, as hardware breakthroughs begin to outpace software innovation, companies are becoming more interested in the lower layers of the stack and how to control the full stack.

With semiconductors operating at the intersection of technology and the physical world, they are delivering capabilities that enable entirely new opportunities for savvy businesses. This shift from general purpose to purpose-specific and specialized designs is allowing semiconductors to become the foundation for technology innovation across industries.

Design flexibility will allow companies to improve and innovate their products more rapidly.

The power of semiconductors

The race to control the full technology stack has begun, and the value of semiconductors is rising. Hardware utility and innovation are being influenced by semiconductor companies, putting them in a crucial role in multiple ecosystems.

As hardware merges with the upper layers in the technology stack it is creating a bigger impact on the overall competitiveness of industry technology stacks. Download our full report to learn more about the future of semiconductors as the critical foundation of your technology stack.

Maria McGinley

Senior Principal – Technology Research and Development


Semiconductors: Fueling high-tech future growth

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