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Women on Walls - The Journey So Far

Women on Walls at RCSI

Women on Walls at RCSI: Our Subjects

Dr. Margaret (Pearl) Dunlevy (1909-2002)

Epidemiologist who served to eradicate tuberculosis in Ireland

Dr. (Emily) Winifred Dickson (1866-1944)

First female fellow of RCSI and medical health officer

Dr. Victoria Coffey (1911-1999)

One of the first female paediatricians in Ireland

Dean Mary Frances Crowley (1906-1990)

First Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, RCSI

Sr. Dr. Maura Lynch (1938-2017)

Surgeon who revolutionised obstetric fistula care in Uganda

Dr. Barbara Maive Stokes (1922-2009)

Paediatrician and pioneering disability campaigner

Dr. Mary Josephine Hannon (1859-1936)

First woman both to train and to qualify at RCSI

Dr. Mary Somerville Parker Strangman (1872-1943)

Doctor, suffragist and elected councillor

Women on Walls at RCSI: The Podcast

Women on Walls at RCSI: Commissioned Artists

William Nathans

Subject: Dean Mary Frances Crowley

Catherine Creaney

Subject: Dr Barbara Maive Stokes

Mick O’Dea

Subjects: Dr Mary Somerville Parker Strangman, Dr (Emily) Winifred Dickson

Benita Stoney

Subject: Dr Margaret (Pearl) Dunlevy

Enda Griffin

Subject: Sr Dr Maura Lynch

Molly Judd

Subjects: Dr Mary Josephine Hannan, Dr Victoria Coffey

Women on Walls at the Royal Irish Academy

Women on Walls at RIA: Our Subjects

Sheila Tinney (1918 – 2010)

Pioneer in the field of mathematical physics

Françoise Henry (1902 – 1982)

One of the most important twentieth-century historians of Irish art

Phyllis Clinch (1901 – 1984)

Award-winning scientist world renowned for her innovative research into plant viruses

Eleanor Knott (1886-1975)

Pathbreaking researcher of classical Irish literature and D.Litt. honoris causa recipient

Dr Aoife Gowen

Investigates how contact with water contributes to fouling or degradation of various synthetic materials

Professor Catríona Lally

Principal investigator of degenerative cardiovascular diseases

Professor Aoife McLysaght

One of Ireland’s leading geneticists

Professor Deborah Laefer

Researcher of damage prevention to buildings above tunnel excavation

Professor Emma Teeling

A world authority on bat genetics

Professor Lydia Lynch

Pioneer of research identifying a type of cell that protects against obesity and the metabolic syndrome

Dr Maria McNamara

A landmark dinosaur discovery researcher

Professor Sarah McCormack

Explores photovoltaic panels which convert solar energy into direct current electricity

Women on Walls at RIA: The Documentary

Women on Walls at RIA: Commissioned Artists

Blaise Smith

Subjects: Professors Deborah Laefer, Aoife McLysaght, Emma Teeling, Sarah McCormack, Catríona Lally, Lydia Lynch. Doctors Aoife Gowen, Maria McNamara.

Vera Klute

Subjects: Sheila Tinney, Françoise Henry, Phyllis Clinch, Eleanor Knott

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