Commercial Lending

We transform commercial lending for future-ready customer experiences and new growth.

Commercial Lending capabilities

Our capabilities can help commercial lenders make bold moves to adapt and thrive in the digital economy.

End-to-end credit transformation

Banks can tap digital technology to make their credit operations more effective, innovative and disruptive—start to finish.

Commercial lending and loan administration BPO

End-to-end operations support for the credit life cycle leveraging a mature onshore/ offshore model to drive operational efficiencies.

Modern target operating model

Distinct and growth-driving lending today calls for credit operating models that are digital, flexible, dynamic and customer-focused.

Sales strategy and innovation

Customers still hold all the power. Effectively attracting and acquiring them is imperative for banks to succeed in the digital economy.

Loan origination system (LOS) transformation

Today’s borrowers want a hassle-free loan process. A modern LOS enables it with efficiency, lower costs and compliance.

Loan services platform innovation

Understanding and investing in the right technologies with the right partners comprise the foundation for lending operations in the New.

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Happier borrowers and strong growth

Favorable conditions in some of the world’s markets are both stimulating business investments and compelling traditional commercial banks to grow their lending business. Achieving better cost efficiencies, growth and happier borrowers requires banks to refresh and progress their credit operations.

Backed by insights, experience and alliances, we help you create and reach your target credit operating model—improving process efficiency, empowering a more innovative workforce and offering clients a highly personalized experience.

Watch the video to hear clients describe their experiences working with our more than 2,500 global commercial banking professionals.

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What distinguishes our credit innovation services?

Industry focus

Insights and assets to reinvent lending operations

Deep experience

3,000 wholesale experts serve 90 lenders globally

Software and platform expertise

Alliances around game-changing software that help lenders perform faster, smarter and with more agility

Efficient delivery

Implementing solutions through an agile model for better cost and control

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Alliances and partners

We extend our commercial lending services through strong alliances with leading software providers, helping lenders best execute their business strategies and stay market-relevant.

What we think

Our annual Top 10 Banking Trends report predicts the trends that will shape banking’s future.

Technology can help banks cultivate mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with SMEs at a time when customers need it most.

COVID-19 is creating a new, empowered RM who can help customers get through the crisis.

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