The C-suite is busy acquiring the latest technology. But most aren’t maximizing new IT.

It’s creating what we call the innovation achievement gap—the difference between technology innovation investment and realized value.

We’ve cracked the code on closing this value gap by comparing “Leaders” who are building Future Systems with “Laggards” who are adopting technologies, but in a piecemeal fashion.

Future Systems are boundaryless, adaptable, and radically human. It’s not about point solutions. These systems are pervasive, strategically agile and capable of scaling innovations repeatedly.

The stakes are high: Leaders are seeing more than 2X the revenue growth as Laggards.

While collaborating with clients to construct their Future Systems, we’ve built our own, with a bold and brash transformation. Here our CIO, Penelope Prett, gives a personal tour of three exemplary solutions.

Penelope Prett

Chief Information Officer

Our Future-ready Enterprise
Business Solutions


Client Business Projection

Client Business Projection integrates across Manage myBusiness, Manage mySales and Manage myEngagements to drive better predictive forecasting.


Manage myBusiness

This business performance management platform makes data widely available across client teams and portfolio leadership, with a growing suite of diagnostics which are increasingly powered by AI.


Anomaly Detection

An example of Radically Human is our Anomaly Detection solution, where we’ve augmented our teams with AI to better and more accurately find anomalies or fraud in myTimeandExpenses.

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