Change is in everything

The need for change has accelerated, and speed to value is critical. We deliver change that is value-led, fast, personal and connected, through an asset-led approach, that is tailored to unique industry + functional needs.

Cloud Change

Support our clients on their cloud-enabled transformations, enabled transformations, differentiating ourselves with People + Cloud capabilities that improve client value.

Intelligent Platform Services (IPS)

Support our clients on their platform-enabled transformations, embedding Change + Skilling in every transformational journey.

Business & Transformation Change

Support our clients on their key business transformation journeys, such as M&A, ZBx, Supply Chain and Finance.

Future of Work

Support our clients to define and grow their Future of Work, thinking through what work they will do in the future and how they will thrive.

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Explore the transformation of how, where and why we work

Cloud change

Cloud offers a powerful means to respond to a rapidly changing work environment and to meet the needs and expectations of workers. For example, the cloud has enabled remote work for millions of employees around the world. The ability to communicate with colleagues, share and collaborate on projects seamlessly across geographies is now a given. These cloud-based digital platforms will continue to evolve to provide employee work flexibility.

Become a Modern Cloud Champion by investing in cloud workforce transformation strategies that unlock value.

Focus on recent acquisitions: Future State

Future State brings deep end-to-end organizational transformation experience with a focus on people and purpose at the heart of change. The team delivers the adaptive strategies, creative solutions, and innovations that ready organizations to thrive.

What we think

When people enjoy omni-connected experiences and are connected to each other, their leaders and their work, they create value for the business.

The Accenture Global Digital Fluency Study uncovered four digital personas that reveal distinct patterns of digital workers.

Accenture analyzes how the future of employment has shifted while sharing insights on hybrid working and the future of remote work tailored to needs.

Accenture explains how modern HR leaders can instill trust, leave workers better off and achieve shared growth by personalizing employee needs.

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Case studies

Global biopharma company embraces innovation to improve work-life balance.

How change and adoption enhances the value of technology investments.

Global financial services company Manulife is working in a whole new way. And it’s changing how it serves customers.

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Workforce blog

Want to boost cloud value by 60%? Migrate your people

Maximize cloud value by migrating both your systems and your people. Discover key insights from Sarah Bartel, Accenture’s Cloud Change Global Lead.

3 ways to power sustainable change with your people

Sustainable business change starts with your people. Accenture’s Christie Smith discusses three important steps.

How cloud can support the future of work

Accenture explores how organizations can use cloud technology to enable people to work from anywhere and support the future of work.

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