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Solutions.AI for Pricing

Drive growth with intelligent pricing

Solutions.AI for Pricing Explained

“With their AI-powered pricing solution, Accenture has supported us to optimize and automate our pricing processes and models so we can create a better customer experience.”

— Massimo De donno, Deputy General Manager – Banca Sella

What we deliver

Personalized and dynamic pricing

Use real-time insights about individual customer preferences, market changes and competitor activity to optimize price and discounts.

Revenue growth management

Optimize list price, trade promotions, portfolio mix and price pack architecture.

Improved win probability & customer profitability

Enhance the probability of winning a deal and the optimal pricing that will maximize deal margin and customer profitability.

Far beyond pricing use cases in Consumer Goods and Retail, our solutions are pre-built for multiple industries including Communications & Media, Automotive, Industrial and Chemicals.


Data-driven pricing at Banca Sella

The AI impact


Up to 15% increase in revenue


Up to 5% margin growth


Up to 40% decrease in promotional spend


Solutions.AI for Pricing

Our capabilities

Reusable & configurable pricing modules

Rapidly deploy proven pricing capabilities, from base-price optimization and discount personalization to deal margin optimization.

Proprietary pricing algorithms

Leverage unique Accenture pricing algorithms to quantify customer elasticity per product at every moment in the customer buying journey.

Pricing recommendation engine

Generate and activate data-driven recommendations to offer customers the right price on the right channel at the right time.

Multi-lever simulation & optimization application

Quickly run ‘what-if’ simulations to test price changes, then optimize price accordingly to impact sales, customer satisfaction and market share.

Real-time notification & workflow engine

Simplify work for price managers, reducing the time it takes to deliver competitive prices through an intuitive interface with real-time insights.

Modular cloud native platform

Use a flexible microservice architecture to leverage massive amounts of data and scale pricing algorithms, modules and other cloud-native components.

What we think

Pricing intelligently for competitiveness and growth

Intelligent pricing that’s real time and contextualized fuels competitiveness and growth—while fostering enduring customer relationships.

The power of optimizing parts pricing

The spare parts market can be a real profit driver for companies that use analytics to optimize parts pricing.

Our ecosystem partners

Our leaders

Georgios Passalis

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Solutions.AI for Pricing Lead

Katherine M. Scearce

North America Lead – Corporate Strategy & Growth

Daniel Antolin

Managing Director, Strategy & Consulting – Pricing Strategy Lead EMEA

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