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Transforming supply chains in CPG and retail


The supply chain is the new battleground for winning customers. Total Logistics, now part of Accenture, is helping retail and consumer goods companies to transform their supply chains to help them to compete in today’s digital world.

Today‘s consumer expects to be able to shop using a multitude of channels, and get fast, cheap and convenient delivery, either to their home, a store or pick-up point. This means that retailers and consumer goods companies are having to completely rethink their supply chains, which have not been designed to handle these challenges. With constant market pressure being put on speed, cost and reliability of delivery, transforming the supply chain to drive profitable sales has become a burning platform, critical to future success.


We have strong industry experience and capabilities in network and transport optimization as well as warehouse design and implementation. Combined with our digital transformation capabilities, we offer our clients holistic omni-channel transformations and a truly end-to-end service.

Distribution Network Design

Distribution Network Design

Where to locate stock and how to move products around the network most efficiently

Distribution Center Design

Distribution Center Design

How to ensure the most efficient flow of products through the distribution center at the service levels demanded by the market

Supply Chain Efficiency

Supply Chain

Is the current supply chain at maximum efficiency? How long can it support the challenging market it supplies?

Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Management Systems

Is my distribution center well-controlled? Are the systems helping drive efficiency and improving service?


  • Our team has delivered more than 1,000 projects in more than 40 countries

  • Over 25 years' experience

  • Experience and capability to deliver both strategic projects and operational assignments globally

  • Strong experience working with leading companies in Retail and Consumer Goods

  • Strong but impartial relationships with suppliers allowing us to look at the full range of potential logistics and supply chain solutions

  • "Insight", a suite of internally developed class-leading modelling tools, allows clients to quantify the impact and benefits that result from supply chain enhancements with accuracy and confidence