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Building data products as a competitive differentiator

February 8, 2022


In brief

Data products productize data to accelerate value, improve decision-making, and even create entirely new revenue streams

Project vs product approach to data

Data products typically offer far greater ROI and lower cost-per-use than data projects, because they evolve to support multiple outcomes over time.


Time-to-insight is much quicker, because the data product is pre-built…People don’t have to start a new project each time they want some data.


Users know that data products have gone through rigorous quality control.

Real-time information

Unlike static datasets, data products provide real-time data for decision-making.


The relevant data is already available, so people don’t have to go and ask another team for it.


A well-defined data product with a well-defined interface is much easier to consume than a raw dataset.

Data products in action

How to make data products a success

Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist

Teresa leads the incubation and scaling of technologies in the cloud like edge, data mesh and heterogeneous infrastructure.