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Ready to catch the Open Banking wave?

June 21, 2021 -MINUTE READ

Research Report

In brief

Different markets, different moments

Core open data capabilities

Data custodianship

Banks are naturally positioned to evolve from trusted custodians of customers’ money to trusted custodians of their personal data.

Data management and analytics mastery

Expect leading banks to focus on improving how they ingest and use data from sources like Yelp, Google, and satellite imagery to create new offerings.

Agile partnership

In the open data economy, banks may need to manage hundreds of partners. This will require faster onboarding and smart performance measurement.

Trusted security

Ensuring Open Banking security—and striking the right balance between security concerns and the customer experience—will be a make-or-break concern.

As the open data wave arrives, as much as $416 billion in revenue will be at stake.

Managing Director – Global Open Banking & API Lead

Eleanor Scott

Director – Open Banking Lead, Australia and New Zealand

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