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RBS 6 Nations Championship

Accenture is the Official Technology Partner for the 2012 – 2017 RBS 6 Nations Rugby Championships.


2016 marks the fifth year of the partnership and we are proud to continue our association with Rugby's Greatest Championship, involving some of the highest performing sportsmen in the world.

Central to the relationship is Accenture’s ability to bring its digital expertise to the Championship. We have been working with RBS 6 Nations on a range of digital initiatives to help respond to the changing needs of its fan-base providing fans with new information, a new perspective and a new way of interacting with the Championship. The Accenture-designed official Championship mobile app includes unique analytics powered insights such as player head-to-head statistics and a game momentum tracker. We have also used our analytics expertise to create deep insight in to the match data which has driven fan engagement to new levels.

You can see for yourself by downloading the official Championship app and following @AccentureRugby #seebeyond


We have put our digital technologies at the heart of our relationship with the RBS 6 Nations which enables us to drive a series of events and initiatives to build client relationships and develop new business opportunities. Furthermore, the sponsorship is an excellent vehicle to engage and excite our people.

This enables us to showcase our digital capabilities on a high profile platform and also provides opportunities to elevate the Accenture brand through on-screen match day branding and brand association with one of the most exciting tournaments in the sporting calendar.


As Official Technology Partner, we have delivered a series of digital-led value-in-kind projects for the RBS 6 Nations.

Accenture employed an integrated digital approach to analytics, mobility and social media, to drive deeper comprehension of match play and player performance whilst enabling fans to explore the stats that really matter to them.

The ways in which fans are interacting with rugby is changing, the fan demographic is evolving and supporters are using their mobiles and social media to follow the game and to get involved with the conversation 24/7. In response, Accenture has employed an integrated digital approach that combined analytics, mobility and social media enabling fans to gain deeper insight into match play and player performance, whilst allowing them to further explore the stats that really matter to them.

Accenture created the official Championship mobile app to bring all the action from the Championship into fans’ pockets. Over the past four years users from over 150 countries have downloaded and updated the app more than 3.1 million times. The app includes pre-match news, line-ups and previews, providing play-by-play commentary during the game and post-match analysis, including match-play data, reports and video highlights whilst allowing fans to interact over social media.

To deliver unique insights into game-changing moments throughout the tournament, Accenture’s analytics experts process more than 1.9 million rows of data during every match. The analysis and up-to-the minute statistics are available to mobile device users throughout the tournament, providing fans with new information, a new perspective and a new way of seeing things.

For the 2015 Championship, Accenture developed a wearable technology proof of concept to bring to life the fan experience of the future. This concept is being explored further for the 2016 Championship by creating a virtual reality experience for fans through Oculus Rift. In the coming years we will continue to drive digital projects that bring value to the Championship.

Download the official Championship app and follow @AccentureRugby #seebeyond for unique match insights from Accenture throughout the tournament.

As Official Technology Partner of the RBS 6 Nations Championship, Accenture helped rugby’s greatest championship enhance the digital experience of its fan-base. Find out how by watching our video.


The RBS 6 Nations Championship is one of Europe’s premier sporting events. National teams from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales compete annually in “Rugby’s Greatest Championship”.

With more than 120 million viewers in the Six Nations territories alone, in addition to broadcasts in over 180 other countries worldwide, the RBS 6 Nations Championship takes place during February and March in stadia in Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Paris and Rome. Visit the RBS 6 Nations website here.