FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common, frequently asked questions about applying to and working at Accenture.


Please check individual programmes for closing dates. We receive an extremely high volume of applications for all programmes and it is sometimes necessary to close applications earlier than anticipated. We would recommend early application to avoid disappointment.

Applications must be made through our website. This rule applies to all of our programmes. Speculative applications by any other method (e.g. CV/Cover Letter) will not be considered.

The application will take approximately 30 minutes. We are interested to find out all about your skills, interests and experience so please take your time and give as much information as possible. Before you submit your application, check that you have filled out as much as you can and that you have entered the right information in the correct field.

We receive a very high volume of applications and although we will endeavour to move you through the recruitment process as quickly as possible, this may take 4-6 weeks and sometimes longer in very busy periods. We will keep you updated on progress at every stage.

The initial application is powered by Headstart – this is a company we are proud to be partnering with as part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity. Working with Headstart helps us deliver a more contextualised recruitment process capturing more information and helping us hire on individual potential. The more information you can provide the better, however completion of this data is optional.

Please take your time to review all the role information on the website and choose the role which you feel is the right fit for you. Please only apply to one programme and location at any one time.

You will need to wait 6 months before reapplying. Candidates should only apply to one programme and location at any one time.

Yes you can apply to our graduate programmes, as long as you meet the requirements for the specific programme you wish to apply to.

Our graduate programmes do not have an academic requirement, nor a degree classification. Please note that some graduate programmes may stipulate a degree discipline, so please do check individual programme requirements when applying. However, some of our apprenticeships do have academic requirements so please check the individual programme pages when applying.

We’re aware that mitigating circumstances such as a disability, a long-term health condition, illness or serious family problems may have prevented you from meeting certain academic criteria.

We will take genuine mitigating circumstances into account and you will have the opportunity to submit details directly into your Headstart profile during the application process. If you would like to talk to a recruiter regarding mitigating circumstances, please contact our Early Talent Recruiters at AccentureETSupport@accenture.com and we will be in touch with you directly to discuss.

We partner with MyPlus consulting and are members of the Business Disability Forum and the Social Mobility Foundation to ensure that our recruitment process is fair and accessible to all candidates.

We can provide various adjustments that will enable you to perform your best at all stages of the recruitment process. Examples of adjustments we have made in the past include, but are not limited to, providing extra time, changing the format of an assessment, and scheduling an interview at a specific time. Please do tell us as soon as possible if you require any adjustments or changes to the interview process so that you can demonstrate your full potential at interview/assessment stage.

If you have a specific question related to disability, please contact our Early Talent Recruiters at AccentureETsupport@accenture.com and we will be in touch with you directly to discuss.

Due to the very high volumes of applications, unfortunately we cannot give feedback at initial application stage. However, we will endeavour to provide feedback at the later stages of the assessment process where possible.

Accenture’s approach to recruitment is underlined by our core value of Best People and our principle of meritocracy. In short, Accenture seeks to attract, develop and retain the best talent for our business and to foster a fair, positive and inclusive environment. If you are interested in applying for a permanent role with Accenture, please note that Accenture is bound by current UK immigration rules and obligations. This places some restrictions for our entry level roles. PLEASE VISIT THE PROGRAMME PAGE OF THE ROLE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR TO READ THE FULL DETAILS OF OUR POLICY.

On our website it will state which office location the programme is based. Our main office locations are Edinburgh, London, Manchester or Newcastle. Regardless of office location, the majority of our programmes involve travelling to client site and can involve staying away from home for long periods of time, so flexibility is essential.

If you are successful in securing a role, we will offer you the next available start date. We offer po-sitions on a first come first served basis, which means you can be offered a start date anywhere up to a year in advance. Please make us aware if you would like to start earlier, as if business demand changes we will offer you the chance to join sooner where possible. We do not offer the chance to defer start dates unless there are exceptional circumstances to consider.

The online assessments are bespoke to Accenture and give our candidates an opportunity to learn more about Accenture and the way we work, as well as demonstrate their skills. You cannot prepare for the assessments, but we would recommend that you put aside 60 - 90 minutes and complete the assessments somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed.

We suggest that you take the opportunity to join our weekly live digital chat sessions available to all candidates at this stage in the recruitment process. These sessions aim to provide an overview of the Online Assessments and we’ll answer as many questions as we can. You will be sent all the information required to join the session of your choice. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live chat sessions, when you log into your online assessment, a detailed tutorial will be available.

Our online assessments are mobile friendly, however we would strongly recommend you complete on a desktop in full screen mode. We would also recommend you use Chrome, Internet Explorer version 11 or later, Safari or Firefox and disable pop up blockers before you start.

No, our online assessments are not timed, and you can take as long as feels comfortable. We anticipate assessments will take approximately 60-90 minutes and although the assessment is time recorded, the time taken does not factor in the final result.

We would recommend you complete the assessments in one sitting. If your internet connection fails during the assessment, when you are able to access the assessment again, you will be able to pick up where you left off.

During the Assessment Centre, there will be both assessed and unassessed sessions. We evaluate a range of skills across several different exercises including a paired exercise, online immersive exercises, and a strengths-based interview. Before you join your Virtual Assessment Centre, you will be asked to do some short research on a business relevant topic so that you can discuss with your assessor during the session (please note, this is not a presentation). You will also have the opportunity to meet other Accenture employees to gain insights into life and work at Accenture and to answer any questions that you may have.

Please note, whilst we use some digital exercises during the assessment centre, assessments are reviewed by a recruiter and not by automated decision making.

We suggest taking the opportunity to join our weekly live digital chat sessions available to all candidates at this stage in the recruitment process. These sessions aim to provide an overview of the Virtual Assessment Centre and we’ll answer as many questions as we can. You will be sent all the information required to join the session of your choice.

Unfortunately due to the current advice surrounding the coronavirus, we have taken the decision to take all necessary precautions to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and candidates, and this includes the decision to run all of our Assessment Centres Virtually, rather than in the office. Should your circumstances make it difficult to complete a Virtual Assessment, please contacts us at AccentureETSupport@accenture.com so that we can discuss this with you.

We use a strengths-based interview approach to identify a candidate's natural strengths to ensure they fit with the requirements and challenges of the role. Using a strengths-based recruitment approach has positive impacts on productivity, psychological wellbeing, energy levels and performance. You cannot prepare for a strengths-based interview however we would recommend that you listen carefully to the question, take a moment to think if necessary and be yourself when delivering your response to enable us to see the real you!

Although your Assessment Centre is virtual, you will be on camera throughout so it is important to dress as you would if you were attending our office. The dress code is business-casual. Also, remember that your background can be seen by your recruiter so ensure it is tidy and appropriate for the assessment.

During the Virtual Assessment Centre we like you to find out all you can about us! You will be greeted by our Assessment Centre Co-ordinator from the Early Talent Team, and your main assessor for the day will be a Senior Recruiter from HR. You will also have the chance to meet an analyst who has joined our programme and ask them any questions about the experiences they have had since joining us.

Our assessments have been designed to evaluate a range of skills and attributes that our business has defined as essential for success at Accenture. Candidates are not assessed against each other, but against this criteria. Therefore, if all candidates meet the criteria, then every candidate at the assessment centre will receive an offer. Likewise, if no candidates meet our criteria at an assessment centre, then we will not make any offers.

We provide funding to societies and student groups in the form of Accenture Futures Fund (AFF). AFF is a grant-making fund from Accenture which supports student-led inclusion and diversity initiatives across the UK. We typically start the application process for AFF in the summer to provide funding ahead of the academic year which begins in September. To find out more please email futuresfund@accenture.com.

To find out more about what it’s like to be one of our graduate joiners, including an insight into the day-to-day role and types of projects we work on, take a look at our careers blog.

The ACG brings together all the Analysts who join us on our Strategy, Consulting and Analytics graduate programmes and will be your home in the company from the time you join until your promotion to the next level. As part of this supportive and sociable cohort, not only will you have access to the training and development you’re looking for, but also the advice, guidance and mentoring you need to make your fledgling career a real success.

Everyone who joins our Technology graduate programmes becomes part of the TAG community – a group that aims to attract and grow the next generation of Business and Technology Integration experts, Software Engineers and Technical Architects. Fostering a culture of learning with a diverse range of people, roles and skills, the group offers mentoring and guidance and the opportunity to develop a variety of technology skills. You’ll also collaborate and network with peers through a range of community and social events.

Each experience and project will be unique to you. Most of our grads are immediately placed on client projects and get stuck in straight away, others work on internal projects first. Ours is an industry that’s driven by client demand. Which means that, we have to place people in the industries and geographies where our clients need them most. So, as well as being flexible, an open mind, coupled with patience and adaptability are a real bonus. Whatever your experience, you can guarantee that your contribution will be making an impact on world-changing projects for our clients and our business.

Due to the size and scope of our business, this really does vary! Your project may last only a couple of months, which means you learn about different clients and industries, or it could last for over a year, giving you in-depth knowledge in a particular area. Spending a long time on a project is not a bad thing – you could see the project develop from beginning to end and you’ll become a vital asset to the team, as you get to know your client really well. An open mind and flexible attitude is really important, as you may not initially be placed in an industry you first thought of.

You can always take something from every role and if it’s not what you expected, try to see it as a crucial learning opportunity. All projects and roles are important and aim to develop you into a trusted and successful professional in your area of expertise. Sometimes it’s not until later in your career, that you realise the value of each experience, when it comes in useful at an unexpected time. That being said, you should always strive to be open with your line manager, team and career counsellor, as their role is to support your learning and development at Accenture.

All new joiners will have an Orientation and Induction with a key focus on getting to know Accenture and access to support networks. This will be followed by further bespoke training specific to the role. You’ll then be ready for your first project where you can hit the ground running as you get to know your team.

At Accenture we encourage continuous learning and development. Your career counsellor will support you and help you plan what training courses and certifications to complete. You will also have access to all of Accenture’s online learning resources.

Our onboarding team will be in touch with details on any specific actions you need to take before your start date such as sending us any documentation we need on record. During onboarding, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with Accenture and learn more about the role, work and culture. There are also optional training modules available, as well as lots of reading suggestions to help you feel job ready!

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To find out more about what it’s like to be one of our graduates, including an insight into the day-to-day role, take a look at our culture blog.


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