Outmanoeuvre Uncertainty to emerge stronger

Join Accenture experts in this video series to explore what businesses have learned and how they’re changing.

"Show up as you want to show up in this post-Covid world."

— Rachel Barton, Head – Accenture Strategy & Consulting

Reopen + Reinvent

Accenture UK presents the first of four Accenture broadcasts, Reopen + Reinvent, hosted by Oli Barrett MBE in discussion with Rachel Barton, Head of Accenture Strategy & Consulting and Nnenna Ilomechina, Managing Director, Strategy and Consulting. In March, business operations were shutting down with leaders focusing on business continuity and shifting to virtual ways of working. By June, organisations were under huge pressure to bring cash back into the economy. The focus has shifted to not only how to reopen, but how to reinvent and come out of the Covid-19 era stronger as a business. In this first video, Rachel and Nnenna discuss what business leaders must prioritise looking ahead to ensure their organisation builds resilience and flexibility and emerges stronger than ever before.

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Innovate Through Uncertainty

The speed at which companies innovate through crisis is a strong indicator of how they’ll emerge from difficulty. Join Accenture's Andy Young and ?WhatIf! Innovation founder Matt Kingdon to explore the leadership behaviours and organisational culture needed to drive innovation into your corporate DNA. This is the second of four video broadcasts in the Outmanoeuvring Uncertainty series, Innovate Through Uncertainty, hosted by Oli Barrett MBE.


Resilience + Agility

COVID-19 has accentuated business’ need to move fast and come up with flexible work-arounds to situations; some of the best examples of success are coming out of the manufacturing industry or in how people have rapidly re-invented supply chains. Accenture’s Maddie Walker and Stéphane Crosnier talk about what we’re learning, and how the business world may emerge stronger thanks to those lessons. This is the third of four conversations in Accenture’s Outmanoeuvring Uncertainty series, hosted by Oli Barrett MBE.


Supporting SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form the bedrock of the UK economy, are a critical market segment for many large corporates and can be valuable partners in mixed ecosystems of clients, suppliers or partners. This discussion explores those many faces of SMEs and the value for corporates in understanding and working with them, drilling down into Banking and Finance for some tangible examples. Join Accenture’s Mark Gaylard, Managing Director in Customer Sales Service and Kim Kim Oon, Managing Director in Banking to discuss how to work best with SMEs in the future, build great relationships and develop mutually-beneficial products and services. This is the fourth video in the Outmanoeuvring Uncertainty series, hosted by Oli Barrett MBE. Go here to learn about purpose-driven banking or visit the link below for more on empowering SME resiliency.


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