Accenture is pleased to share this broad, unique insight on the Future of Patient Data as part of a crowdsourced research initiative organised by our partner, Futureagenda. Accenture was a key project partner, as part of the larger effort that brought together some 300 attendees in eleven countries.

The report provides a synthesis of the main views expressed and explored. Its geographic scope, along with the range of contributors involved, make it a unique undertaking at a time when health systems around the world are taking steps to guide the advancement of patient data and health records. The findings highlighted two diverging ideals:

  • The need to “free” data, arguing that better research, intelligent applications and efficiency depend on data accessibility
  • The privatization of data, giving ownership to the consumer or health organization

Workshop discussions revealed that there is great potential for the future of patient data—but also lots of challenges. Ensuring data quality while protecting property, sovereignty, trust and security, seems to be the way forward.

View the world map findings.


Further findings include:

  • While there are many initiatives with global ambitions, for now it seems that change is most likely to occur at a regional and national level.
  • Key regions best placed to capitalise on patient data are those where both the opportunity for change, and increasingly supportive regulatory environments, exist. These will encourage better integration and control of patient data.
  • According to the report China and India are, in many opinions, the countries to watch. However other, more mature and connected systems in Europe, Australia, Canada and Singapore also show promise.
  • The United States, while its healthcare system is fragmented and siloed from a patient data perspective, is the home of big tech firms, seeking to transform healthcare and monetize patient data management. As they focus their resources and analytics on the tasks at hand, there are many that see tangible progress on the horizon.


Kaveh Safavi

Senior Managing Director – Global Health

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