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Programmable Network Platforms

Modern networks

How to fast track competitive advantage

Open up the digital ecosystem

The new real-time systems stack

Telco Cloud (SDN/NFV)

Accenture’s Telco Cloud platform establishes a comprehensive framework for the future ‘Network as a Service’, including open architecture blueprint, automated operating model, Telco Cloud lifecycle management, real-time intelligent operations tools, security, services onboarding, and live open NFV/SDN showcase.

Automation, orchestration and abstraction

Automated, real-time support systems continuously test, launch and decommission services, delivering next-generation OSS strategy and design, real-time federated inventory and topology, next-generation automated service management, and end-to-end service orchestration and digital enablement.

Real-time OSS

Reusability, increased time-to-market and cost-effective digital service design and deployment are enabled through a fully decoupled microservices-based architecture. Enable the seamless onboarding of new network functions into technical and commercial catalogues for B2C and B2B offerings.

Analytics and deployment

Predictive and proactive analytics link the customer to the network in real-time, using the added power of open-source, artificial intelligence (AI) and assisted machine learning to manage actionable, context-aware services and monetize network insights.