Uncovering value in a new energy system

Our world runs on utilities. That's why our utility consulting group helps companies, including electricity, gas and water, reinvent their businesses to accelerate performance and drive future value and growth.

We combine our deep utilities industry expertise with digital innovation and leading-edge technology to bring unique end-to-end services to clients. Whether in power generation and transmission and distribution to energy retail and enterprise functions, our clients are proving there's nothing companies can't do through the power of digital.

Three strategic imperatives can help network utilities create an effective resilience strategy to confront the challenges of extreme weather events.

Deliver new energy experiences for future growth

The energy ecosystem is at an inflection point in the transition to a decarbonized future. Powerful forces are driving this change, and COVID-19 has laid bare the need for energy companies to accelerate the transition. And at the heart of it all is the evolving energy consumer.

Energy companies are taking action toward reimagining their business. The imperative is to move from pilot programs to actual rollouts of sustainable energy offerings—quickly and at scale—enabled through digital technologies.

This latest edition of our New Energy Consumer research delves into the upheaval of the energy ecosystem, offers actionable insights and guidance and brings focus to the competencies essential for success to help drive successful execution at scale.


Case studies

A Salesforce-powered transformation is helping ENGIE Home Services become a customer-first organization.

Sorgenia teamed with Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade for its migration to the cloud.

Accenture helped Gasunie meet its operational needs for safe, secure gas transport.

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Insights from our utilities blog

Our utility consultants weigh in on the insights and trends shaping utilities across the entire value chain.

Industrial clusters are critical to getting to net-zero. Here’s why

Industrial clusters have a big role to play in the clean energy transition. But what are they and how can they help?

Opportunity is knocking: how can utilities become profitable digital energy service providers?

Accenture's blog reveals energy companies have arrived at an inflection point with digital technology expanding the notion of what’s possible.

How can utilities harness the power of cloud?

Accenture's Caroline Narich explains why you should put cloud at the core of your utility business for the fast change and innovation at scale.


What does it take to be a leader in utility services? A combination of innovation and deep industry expertise. Discover why our consultants are considered the best at what they do across industries, from energy to electric to water.


Recognized as a utilities leader for worldwide customer experience

2019 Recipient.


Positioned as a utilities leader in digital transformation worldwide

2019 Recipient.


Recognized as a leader in EMEA digital grid transformation for utilities

2019 Recipient.

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