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5G. Think big. Accelerate to get ahead.

Modern networks

How to fast track competitive advantage

Redefining how the world connects

The 5G revolution

Accelerating the 5G future of business

The possibilities sound endless – but what do businesses actually expect (and worry about) from next generation connectivity?

Key challenges

Spectrum access/network deployment feasibility

Spectrum will remain critical to 5G. 5G will need spectrum within 3 key frequency ranges. Availability/at what cost will impact the 5G business case.

Strategy use cases and business model

Financial outlook pressure on traditional revenue; finding new models and the investment requires a business case.

Device innovation & technology breakthroughs

New 5G radio will be challenged to deliver improved spectral efficiency. The push for <1ms latency will require innovation and evolution.

Network deployment approach

Use of mmW frequencies needs network design breakthroughs. 5G & Small Cells differ from 4G and need new regulatory and deployment approach.

Architectural and platform innovation

New Architecture, Platforms promote disruptive technologies in greenfield areas; network slicing will need a new operating model.

Operational complexity

Network & IT architecture merge, E2E Services-based operations — this leads to a tidal transformation in stacks, processes and people.

Immersive experiences

How 5G can transform the movie-going experience

Explore Accenture’s vision for what the movie experience of the future might look like.

Accenture network 5G acceleration services

5G business/technology strategy

Define your 5G DNA to determine how to best deploy and monetize 5G given existing assets and market position.

5G use cases and business model

Leverage industry experience to co-create B2C and B2B use cases, develop your go-to-market strategy, and build your business case.

Spectrum availability and feasibility assessment

Determine a 5G low-band, mid-band and high-band spectrum strategy. Emulate 5G lab solutions to assess feasibility before full solution investment.

Build and deploy network capabilities

Service factory model to roll out scaled small cells, leveraging field install services (i.e. scheduling, dispatch, digital worker support, etc.).

Operate and maintain your 5G network

Breakdown the technical composition of commercial products to drive lean ops and task management and simplify multiple activities. 

Forging a path to new value with 5G

Read more about fueling a 5G future

Gaining the edge: Semiconductors & 5G opportunity

5G presents a prime opportunity for semiconductor companies to reimagine their business models.

Customer experience management in 5G

Explore the views and actions of operators as the industry moves towards a 5G reality.