Don’t go it alone

Banks should take a “never satisfied” approach to their journey to operational maturity. There is always room to get better. Our cross-industry research shows that a one-position climb in operational maturity can lead to a projected 17% increase in global profits. This potential alone is reason enough for banks to set their sights on what’s next—and how to get there fast.

Build the ecosystem partnership

One key to leapfrogging maturity levels is the establishment of new ecosystem relationships.


of banks have seen their ecosystem partnerships improve over the past three years.


indicate that they have increased their focus on ecosystem relationships as a result of COVID-19.

As banks re-think their operations—for example, by changing the operating model, deciding whether to “make or buy,” or by managing people—these ecosystem relationships become particularly important. Banks can retain their core operational systems and processes while building stable partnerships, receiving transformed services, reducing costs and accelerating the transformation journey.

Slow and steady can't win this race

Fast-track your journey to operational maturity and take advantage of transformational value—increase performance in efficiency and profitability, improve innovation, strengthen ecosystems and deliver excellent customer and employee experiences. Discover more in our main Operations research.

“The COVID-19 situation has opened the gates for new businesses, such as our learning platform. We gained good business out of it and even the core business saw a positive response as people who took these courses opened investment accounts with us.”

– A senior bank executive

Client case study

Becoming a future-ready profitable lender

A North American bank transformed its lending practices to better service and retain customers—savings $20M and avoiding $2B in exposure. Learn more.

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Roberto Pagella

Managing Director – Accenture Operations, Global Banking Operations Business Lead

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Managing Director – Accenture Operations, Global Banking Operations Offering Lead


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