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Case Study

Tullow Oil's journey to cloud SAP

How migrating SAP to the public cloud helped Tullow Oil achieve cost flexibility, agility, risk mitigation and a platform for future innovation.


Tullow Oil’s Journey to Cloud SAP

Strategy and Solution

Cost control and resiliency

Greater cost flexibility and visibility, as well as enhanced resiliency.

Agility and scalability

The adoption of an agile and scalable solution that would be able to flex according to Tullow Oil’s requirements.

Transformation and innovation

A platform for future digital transformation and innovation.



Agility with flexible, fast infrastructure for quicker responsiveness to global requests, and ability to tune cloud consumption down.

Risk Management

Improved mitigation of risks around disaster recovery and business continuity, enhanced availability and resilience of critical SAP systems.

Future Innovation

The ability to fully leverage the Microsoft ecosystem—including Office 365, Power BI, and Cortana Intelligence Solutions—with the SAP landscape.

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