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Accenture Space Innovation

Space: A new frontier for global businesses

How we help our clients

Estimates suggest the space economy may grow to $1 trillion by 2040.

Morgan Stanley research, Space: Investing in the final frontier and Citigroup report space: The dawn of a new age

Earth to space

Launch, mission control, and ground operations

Accenture can help build, integrate and secure software to manage spacecraft missions, integrate mission control centers and implement satellite operations, robotics, and automation.

Human space launches & operations

As human spaceflight becomes more common and affordable, Accenture can help companies reduce their reliance on mission control for human spaceflight operations on space stations, the lunar surface, deep space spacecrafts, and eventually on Mars.

Space Innovation

Through unique experiments in microgravity and the vacuum of space, Accenture can help businesses test new space ecosystem products and unlock this next frontier of innovation.

Digital engineering and manufacturing

Our 3D simulation, AI, and digital twin tools enhance satellite, rocket, and payload design and manufacturing—ensuring agility, quality, sustainability, and security.

Space to Earth

Earth observation

Through AI and machine learning, Accenture can translate satellite data of Earth’s land, water and atmosphere into valuable intelligence for our clients. 

Satellite communications

Accenture can help to aid satellite data access and analysis, off-grid broadband, 5G/6G network builds, IoT sensor data retrieval, and secure emergency communications.

Space-enabled sustainability

Using AI and satellite analysis, Accenture helps businesses and governments prevent or mitigate damaging Earth events, from deforestation to carbon footprints.

Space security

Leveraging post-quantum cryptography in space, flight-proven access control solutions, and emergent research, Accenture helps clients protect their space infrastructure and assets against modern threats.

Space and beyond: Exploring the infinite possibilities

Case studies

Unlocking the secrets of space data

Accenture is supporting e-GEOS in bringing satellite observation to everyone with a data-driven sustainability solution.

Duke Energy powers platform for methane reduction

Accenture and Avanade design an end-to-end methane emissions monitoring and remediation solution using satellite monitoring, analytics and AI.


Meet our leaders

Paul Thomas

Managing Director and Lead – Space Innovation, Technology

John Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Aerospace & Defense, Global

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director and Lead – Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs