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Modern cloud champions

August 13, 2021 20-MINUTE READ

Research Report

In brief

What’s in the way of cloud value?

A clear vision

It pays to be a champ


greater value across workforce and cloud transformation outcomes on average


more gains across employee productivity and cross-functional collaboration and communication


faster cloud migration


enhanced organizational agility and innovation and improved customer experience

Levers of modern cloud champions


Driving transformation requires the right skills and talent. Skill building can reduce the risk of being left behind. The Modern Cloud Champion that accelerates the cloud journey is 4.6x more likely to have the skills needed to transform into a cloud-enabled organization and 4.3x more likely to develop future talent at scale.


All areas of the company must adopt the cloud in a unified way to succeed. By promoting a culture of growth across the workforce, Modern Cloud Champions outperform the competition. As they lead from a clear strategy, they promote cross-functional collaboration while advancing business objectives with the cloud.


Modern Cloud Champions prioritize a test-and-learn culture. As a result, they are: 2x more likely to embrace continuous innovation across leadership and the workforce, 1.5x more likely to encourage employees to take risks, and nearly 5x more likely to promote cross-functional and cross-cultural teamwork.

Operating model

Modern Cloud Champions excel at promoting collaboration and business transformation. They are 1.8x more likely to enable open, unfettered access to people, processes, systems and assets inside and outside their ecosystems. Executives consider them crucial sources of growth, with 9 out of 10 businesses prioritizing ecosystem business models.2


Equipped with the most innovative and up-to-date technologies, digital architecture and tools, Modern Cloud Champions enable better, faster and safer access to data. This empowers those closest to the data and customer to make better informed and more strategic customer-centric decisions that improve business outcomes.

Unlock cloud value through five levers

Agility and innovation

Become a modern cloud champion

About the research

Yaarit Silverstone

Senior Managing Director – Talent & Organization / Human Potential, Global Strategy Lead & North America Lead

Yaarit partners with CEOs and the entire C-suite to enable transformation and deliver sustainable capabilities and growth.

Sarah Bartel

Managing Director – Cloud Change, Global Lead

Sarah has 20+ years of experience transforming organizations, culture and talent, powered by digital technology.

Philippe Chauffard

Senior Managing Director – Infrastructure Engineering, Cloud First, Global Lead

Philippe has extensive cloud and infrastructure experience, ranging from strategy to transformation, migration and operations.