Break through value for sourcing & procurement

Make procurement your value powerhouse by creating a digital procurement organization that drives growth while getting the basics right.


Expanding IT category expertise​

The impact of change on sourcing & procurement​

We help leaders across Finance, Supply Chain and Procurement turn procurement from an untapped strategic asset into a source of competitive advantage.

Deliver durable cost savings

Achieve cost savings across pricing, consumption and inventory while identifying new opportunities to reinvest these savings across the business.

  • 10-15% sourcing savings across direct and indirect spend
  • 15+% SG&A Reduction
  • 3-5% COGS Reduction

Improve compliance and mitigate risk

Protect the enterprise by working with qualified, responsible suppliers and make the experience with procurement easy, so people want to do it.

  • Reduce risk of non-compliance
  • Reduce cost & reputational risk due to poor quality
  • Spend optimization of 0.5%-3%

Make better business decisions

Go beyond managing spend to unleashing real-time insights and intelligence to make more informed decisions and connect all enterprise functions—multiplying value while lowering risk.​

  • Scale vision by combining intelligent technologies and procurement talent
  • Centralize procurement process, tools and systems
  • Tap into advanced technologies, such as AI

Build a responsible future

Thread sustainability into procurement activities—ensuring a responsible supply chain, designing for circularity and supporting net-zero operations—in line with cost and business needs.

  • Responsible sourcing practices
  • Drive resource efficient business models & ecosystems and achieve carbon neutral products, production & supply chains

Inspire the workforce

Give your people the tools, skills and confidence they need to excel in their jobs today and prepare their place in the workforce of the future.

  • Increased effectiveness of the team by leveraging market intelligence for decision making
  • Up to 40% in productivity
  • Right resource is tapped for the right task

Be ready for what’s next

Use end-to-end visibility of data insights to develop and deliver your long-term vision for procurement, continually innovating across people, process and technology to stay ahead of change.

  • >93% spend managed on average
  • Organizational agility to adapt and respond well to changing demands
  • Trust based supplier ecosystems

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Services that power change

We work with clients to design intelligent, digital source-to-pay solutions across direct and indirect spend. Our sourcing & procurement solution is powered by SynOps.


Jumpstart your transformation by reshaping procurement end-to-end.


Maximize negotiated savings and value by optimizing category strategy, sourcing and contracting.


Gain more control, minimize risk, capture savings, and increase efficiency by automating rec-to-order and invoice-to-pay.

Rapid sourcing

Realize savings quickly by tapping into our sourcing center of excellence.

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Tapping into procurement to unlock new value

Companies must grow in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way in an uncertain economy where shareholder, employee and customer expectations are shifting fast. The ripple effect of financial and operational impacts is creating an imperative—and an opportunity—to reset how things are done across the business to increase resilience. And sourcing & procurement is no exception.

That’s why we help you embrace change and break free from the status quo, making procurement your value powerhouse by moving to an intelligent operating model, which we call closed loop spend management (CLSM).

CLSM uses SynOps to drive end-to-end transformation across indirect and direct spend to achieve breakthrough value, while enabling talent with new ways of working through the power of data, digital and AI.

A truly digital procurement organization enables topline growth while getting the basics right: delivering sustainable savings, reducing risk and supporting business growth.


SynOps for procurement

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Case studies

How a global insurer created more scalable and productive finance and procurement processes.​

A leading chemical company frees up money to reinvest in growth by moving to a digital procurement organization.

Manufacturer leader saves $7.5M in one year and boosts business agility with digital source-to-pay solution.

A digital procurement function outmaneuvers uncertainty and drives business outcomes.

Reinventing procurement by moving to a data-driven model.​

How Accenture SynOps is transforming source-to-pay for a global beauty leader.

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What we think

Elevate every decision with intelligent procurement operations​.

How procurement can fully embrace the promise of transformation with closed loop spend management.

Applying tech-driven operational intelligence across an organization leads to greater profitability.

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Recognizing the power of change

Accenture is recognized as the leading Sourcing & Procurement company by Everest Group, HfS Research, and IDC; and received multiple SAP Ariba awards, including the Pinnacle award.

Ideas that make an impact

Insights from our Intelligent Operations Blog.

Building a responsible future

Three areas where CPOs can help scale their impact as companies develop and expand their circular initiatives.

Why trust is a must for CPOs & how to champion it​

CPOs want to identify and reduce social and environmental risks in their supply chains to build trust.

Developing a procurement stress test for Accenture

Test procurement’s performance under a range of different scenarios to identify issues that may keep the business from growing and managing costs.

Leaders of change

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