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Women in tech on the fast track

Accenture is turning the spotlight on our women in tech. Our research, in partnership with Girls Who Code, shows that having an inclusive culture is key to retaining and advancing women in tech roles, but many companies do not recognize its importance.

Along with taking actionable steps to reset tech culture—expected to double the number of women in tech in the next 10 years—the report reminds us that learning from the voices of our women in tech drives innovation and transformation every day.​


Exposing human trafficking networks with AI

Investigating human trafficking is labor intensive, with authorities overwhelmed by tips and information. The Global Emancipation Network (GEN) collects human trafficking data worldwide and needed an innovative technology solution to help find connections between datapoints.

Artemis is the world's first human trafficking content classifier, developed by the GEN and Accenture. It analyzes public records, finds common trafficking terminology and identifies potential illegal activity, sending alerts to law enforcement agencies so they can further investigate. Insights garnered from Artemis have led to prosecutions in Ventura county and San Luis Obispo county.


Virtual ways of working playbook

As the health and humanitarian impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic evolve, so do the workplace and economic challenges the crisis has brought on. While the crisis unfolds, nonprofit organizations need to prepare for what is coming next. But not the next “normal.” Normal isn’t available to us anymore.

The new reality combines complexity, uncertainty and opportunities. To adapt and thrive, NPOs must become resilient and agile. They need to balance their immediate needs with longer-term opportunities while continuing to support the populations they tend to.

Many NPOs provide critical relief to people directly impacted by the spread of COVID-19, including food banks and medical services providers. Accenture can help leaders and organizations manage the deep changes needed in this new environment. This is the moment to reinvent the operating model to protect the value nonprofit organizations provide to a new societal landscape.

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