In brief

In brief

  • The long struggle with the COVID-19 virus has indelibly impacted the mindsets, lifestyles and behaviors of consumers worldwide.
  • During the pandemic, enterprises have continually innovated and experimented with new initiatives and business models to adapt to evolving consumers.
  • In China specifically, we have witnessed new consumer sales channels and trends that came and went swiftly, such as street stall markets.
  • The time is right to ask: What will the new post-COVID normality be? And what are the opportunities in the new era?

Accenture Chinese Consumer Insights 2022

As we analyze the pandemic in retrospect, more Chinese consumers (57%) feel that the pandemic has caused them to rethink their lives, compared to their global peers (50%).

While price and quality have long been- and remain- the dominant motivation for consumers’ choice around the world, they have lessened in influence on the new post-COVID consumers. Our research uncovered 4 mega trends of consumer behavior and mindset changes amplified and accelerated by the pandemic.

The pandemic made me totally revise my personal purpose and what is important for me in life

All about health

A greater desire to pursue healthy lifestyles by boosting indoor exercising and selecting healthier food options.

360° digital focus

An increased dependency on digital channels for daily interactions and activities.

New focus on sustainability

A keener focus on sustainability in purchasing decisions.

Open to try anything new

A willingness to embrace new ways of buying from and interacting with businesses.

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Three new imperatives to win in the post-COVID-19 era

Throughout the year, we also followed and witnessed numerous success stories of businesses launching innovative initiatives aimed at seizing the opportunities presented by these trends—everything from evolving brand DNA and values to rethinking routes to market to incubating new business models. In order to meet new customer expectations and win in the post-COVID normality, they need to align with the new trend imperatives.

  1. Evolve the brand DNA and values
  2. Rethink routes-to-market
  3. Incubate new business models

Eric Hor

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Accenture Greater China

Angela Teng

Director – Strategy & Consulting, Accenture Greater China


Accenture Chinese consumer insights 2022
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