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Through technology and human ingenuity, we are making sustainability a force for change

The Accenture 360° Value
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Measuring our success by the value we deliver in all directions.

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Sustainability is the new digital

Just as the digital revolution transformed how we live and work, so too will sustainability, driving new value and growth and permeating everything that we do.

At Accenture, our purpose is to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. And there are few things with greater promise than sustainability—it unlocks new opportunities for our clients, our partners, and our people, and for the places where we do business.

Sustainability spans environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, from transitioning to a zero-carbon economy to human rights to inclusion and diversity. So we have made sustainability one of our greatest responsibilities—not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because we believe that it will create one of the most powerful forces for change in our generation.

Let There Be Change

Accenture is committed to delivering 360˚ value to all our stakeholders.

We embed sustainability into everything we do, with everyone we work with, creating both business value and sustainable impact, enabled by technology and human ingenuity.

Together with our partners, we’re helping to solve the biggest problems our clients and the world face to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and tackle climate change.

Built in, not bolted on

Sustainability is multi-dimensional, and so is our approach. We deliver value—and deliver on our values—by embedding sustainability into everything we do, for everyone we serve: our clients, people, shareholders, partners and communities.

It’s about working together to help rewire the global economy for shared success.

Each element in our practice plays a role and intersects with the others to bring you 360° value while driving your ESG objectives forward.

Creating business value and sustainable impact

Responsible company

Becoming a sustainability leader means adhering to the highest ESG standards while maintaining performance at scale.

Sustainability services

Sustainability can help business leaders drive growth and competitiveness while addressing climate change.

Sustainability by design

We infuse sustainability into every aspect of what we do and design from the start with sustainability in mind.

Responsible citizen

We create impact and offer solutions for all communities where we work and live around the globe.

"In 2025, we’ll be talking about how every business is a sustainable business."

Julie Sweet
Chair & CEO

"In 2025, we’ll be talking about how every business is a sustainable business."

Julie Sweet
CEO of Accenture

Case studies & stories

When applied together, digital and sustainability create meaningful change that’s good for business, society and the planet. Here’s how:

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Research & insights

UNGC-Accenture CEO Study: Reimagining the Agenda

Unlocking the Global Pathways to Resilience, Growth, and Sustainability for 2030.

Accelerating global companies toward net zero by 2050

84% of companies plan to increase investment in sustainability by the end of 2022.

Measuring sustainability. Creating value

Accenture highlights how leaders can manage and measure sustainable performance for long-term value and impact.

Shaping the sustainable organisation

How responsible leaders create lasting value and equitable impact for all stakeholders.

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As part of our mission, Accenture is infusing sustainability into everything we do and everyone we work with. Through the combination of human ingenuity and technology we’re making sustainability a force for change.
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